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Julius Caesar (100 - 44BC) is the default name of the leader of the Roman Civilization in the Call to Power II for the standard game. However, on scenarios the Roman leader will go by a different name to try to make the scenario more realistic.

History Edit

Julius Caesar began his political career as part of an oligarchy with 2 other men called the triumvirate in the 70s BC during the Spartacus slave revolt. The other 2 leaders in this oligarchy were Crassus and Pompey. Eventually Spartacus was defeated and Julius Caesar became very popular and went on to lead Rome for a brief period before being assassinated by people who were misinformed about his popularity and thought he was instead a tyrant, which was false because in the real world he was loved by his subjects and they wanted him to live a very long life which did not happen and his life was cut short by the assassins.

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