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Caesar is the leader of the Romans.

Normal Aggression

Total Threat Level: 3

Musical Theme Inspiration: Augustus Rises (original composition)

Historical Info Edit

Julius Caesar (100-44BC) One of the more controversial characters of history, Caesar was both a staunch defender of the people's rights and an ambitious politician who purposely destroyed the Roman Republic so that he could create the Roman Empire. Athough he did not live to see the day he was to be crowned the first emperor due to the Roman Republic having be re-instated briefly just after he died.

Certainly brilliant, among his other skills he was a superb general, conquering Gaul in a classic campaign that is still studied, invading Britain. After this feat the Senate made him Consul (Governor) of the North West region of the Roman Republic including Gaul and Britain but he was unhappy with only ruling this region and he wanted the whole of the Roman Republic to rule so he Marched on the city of Rome. He then  established himself as dictator for life after defeating Pompey in a civil war. Eventually a few years later he was stabbed to death on the Ides of March by friends and proteges who resented his grab for power. He nevertheless made the future Roman Empire possible. The Romans are tough foes and can be expected to balance expansion, conquest, and development.

Julius Caesar (Civ1)

Julius Caesar in the SNES game.