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Kanji Takeno (Civ4)
Kanji Takeno

A leader in Civilization IV

Civilization Halis Planned State
Introduced Final Frontier
Fav. civic Planned Economy
  • Halis
    • +2 Happiness / City
    • No Anarchy
    • -50% Civic Upkeep
    • -50% Influence

Kanji Takeno grew up during the hardest times of Halis' early struggles, and this has very much shaped his leadership style. His parents were part of the initial wave of settlers, and after their tragic deaths in the early years he was raised by the governor and his family. It was there that he developed his sense of civic duty, and was groomed into a future political leader. Firm and unyielding, he controls all of Halis with an iron fist; ensuring deliveries are on time, economic negotiations are completed, dissidents punished, and storehouses well-stocked. His great loyalty to Halis and desire to see it succeed and flourish has resulted in the Colony meeting with a great deal of success since he assumed the role of governor in 2294 AD.