Knight (Civ4)

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Knight (Civ4)

Mounted Unit (Civ4)

Strength 10
Moves 2
Cost 90
Upgrades to Cuirassier
or Cavalry
Required technologies

Guilds, Archery, Horseback Riding

Required resources

Horse and Iron

Other attributes

Used against archers, weak against pikemen.

The Knight is replaced by the following unique unit:

The following units can be upgraded to Knight:


Knights are the strongest pre-gunpowder unit in the game and are quite effective until Grenadiers and Cannon begin appearing.

Pre-gunpowder, they are vulnerable to Spearmen and Pikemen, which get a big bonus against mounted units.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

Knights were heavily armored, mounted men-at-arms found primarily in medieval Europe. Like the samurai of ancient Japan, knights followed a strict code that covered their behavior both in battle and in their personal pursuits. Fighting astride powerful horses, armored knights had a distinct advantage over enemies on foot and remained the dominant force on the battlefield when battles were fought primarily hand-to-hand. Occasionally, brilliant infantry tactics allowed knights to be outmaneuvered, but it wasn't until the development of gunpowder that knights were rendered obsolete.

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