Knights Templar (CivRev)

Knights Templar in game

The Knights Templar is an artifact in Civilization Revolution.

Gameplay Edit

Finding the bastion of the Knights Templar immediately grants its discoverer an immensely powerful unit. This is an excellent find for anyone looking to win a Conquest victory!

Civilopedia Entry Edit

The Knights Templar were a military and religious organization founded in 1119 after the fall of Jerusalem to the Crusaders. Having captured the city, the Crusaders considered their job complete and left en masse for their homes, leaving Jerusalem undefended and surrounded by a really angry Arab Empire.

Rising to the defense of the city, a French knight, Hugues de Payens created an order of Knights dedicated to the protection of Christian interests in war and the protection of monastic virtues in peace. The Templars soon became the most powerful Christian organization in the Holy Land. However, they were unable to stave off the Muslims' advances forever, and with the loss of Jerusalem to the warriors of Saladin, the Templars would begin a slow decline in strength and popularity, culminating in their mass arrest by King Philip IV in 1307, who lusted after their legendary wealth.

Fun Fact Edit

  • The Knights Templar vowed to live lives of poverty. In the early days of the Order, they were forced to live on alms alone, yet as their numbers grew, so did their wealth. Before long, this previously destitute order grew to be one of the richest organizations in the Holy Land.
  • The Temple Mount, also known as the Dome of the Rock, was once the center of the Knights Templar's operations in Jerusalem.