Japan-Korea map CTP2

This is a map of the Japan-Korea Region. Koreans are the large peninsula in the south west corner. This map is based on a scenario I'm making. The Korean civilization on this world map is 105 cities, but neighboring Japan is nearly double that.

The Koreans are one of the 41 civilizations found in the default game of Call to Power II. They can be played on four real world maps that are available for this game: 200x200 Earth, 200x400 Earth, China, and the Japan-Korea map. They can also be found on the original Earth map that comes with the game, but this is not recommended because the map is micro sized and placing even one city in Korean territory will make you control a vast region that includes parts of China and Japan and possibly Russia. This page will focus mainly on the four maps mentioned above because they give the Koreans a large amount of territory. This is important for all of those CTP2 players that love to play or create real world based scenarios with CTP2.

History and storyEdit

Koreans are a relatively new civilization on planet Earth. They make an appearance in the 1430s AD, which was the last century of the Middle Ages before the Modern Ages began. The Korean state was founded by Sejong the Great. For nearly 500 years the Koreans enjoyed a relatively stable society and the borders of their empire never changed with the exception of North and South Korea in contemporary times (which are called the Modern and Genetic ages in the game's epochs). In the contemporary times the nation is divided into two parts: one part ruled by Koreans (North Korea), the other half of the country ruled by the American civilization. The Americans entered into Korean lands some time after the year 1945 when the Japanese civilization was driven out of the country.