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La Venta is a religious city-state in Civilization V. Religious city-states give extra faith when you befriend or ally with them.

Game InfoEdit

La Venta is introduced in the Gods & Kings expansion pack.

Musical Theme: ?

Architecture: Native American

Historical InfoEdit

The ancient Olmec settlement of La Venta, found in central Mexico, is thought by archeologists to have been an important cultural center that also contributed greatly to trade in the region. The structures of La Venta are unique in that the surrounding region had no stone available for construction, leaving the Olmec to build everything from clay and fill dirt. Although large portions of the site have been lost to present-day construction, what has been excavated indicates that La Venta held ceremonial significance for the Olmec. Numerous monuments and sculptures adorn the complex, with burial tombs and altars having also been discovered. Of the iconic "Colossal Heads" carved by the Olmec, La Venta features four of the most famous. Weighing several tons each, archeologists can only theorize as to how the Olmec managed to acquire the stone for these massive carvings. Unfortunately, due to ongoing construction taking place in the area, it appears unlikely that further excavations will take place at La Venta in the near future.

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