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The Lavra is a unique district of the Russian civilization in Civilization VI. It replaces the Holy Site.

  • Receives Major bonus (+2) to Civ6Faith Faith yield for each adjacent Natural Wonder, a Standard bonus (+1) to Civ6Faith Faith yield for each adjacent Mountain tile, and Minor bonus (+½) to Civ6Faith Faith for each adjacent district tiles and each adjacent unimproved Woods tiles.
  • A religion can be founded in the Holy Site.
  • Religious units can only be purchased at a Holy Site
  • Religious units heal in a Holy Site district and in tiles adjacent to it.
  • Specialists add +2 Civ6Faith Faith each.

Buildings Edit

The following buildings can be constructed in a Lavra:

Projects Edit

Historical ContextEdit

In the Eastern Orthodox tradition, a lavra (such as found at Mount Athos in Greece or Neamț in Romania) is a cloistered monastery of cells for hermits with a central church and/or rectory. Perhaps the most famous is the Alexander Nevsky Lavra (trust the Russians to name a holy place after a warrior) in St. Petersburg where many eminent but dead Russians are buried – besides Nevsky, there's Euler, Suvarov, Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Dostoevsky and others. Believed to have its origins in the early 4th century AD, the first lavra seems to have been a settlement of some 600 hermits around Nitria in the Egyptian desert. In the strict Eremitic tradition, these hermit-monks lived a secluded life devoted to prayer, often accompanied by vows of silence, chastity, meditation and/or fasting. Further proof of the lengths to which some of the faithful will resort to be saved.

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