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Leonard Pritchard (Civ4)
Leonard Pritchard

A leader in Civilization IV

Civilization Paradise
Introduced Final Frontier
Fav. civic Democracy
  • Paradise
    • All Planets begin with a Mag-Lev Network constructed
    • Treasury begins with 10x normal Coin
    • -1 Happiness / City
    • +2 Influence / City

Elected from within the ruling oligarchy of Paradise, Sir Leonard Pritchard is currently entrusted with leadership of the colony. One of the youngest members of the oligarchy, he was born on Paradise and is part of the new generation of the privileged class. More idealistic than his predecessors, he abhors the current rift within Paradise's society. He seeks to integrate the two groups into a combined culture; all without arousing the fury of one, the other, or both. He favors the use of diplomacy to solve problems over a show of force. However, even his skills as a diplomat are not enough to keep both sides happy all the time. Pritchard has begun instituting a public works project to win over the favor of the lower classes, but this has attracted the ire of the oligarchy, which questions his wasting of the colonial treasury on mere plebes.