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Leonardo's Workshop is a Wonder.

Civilization II

The main article has not been created for (or Leonardo's Workshop is not part of) Civilization II

Requires Invention, Cost 400, Automobile obsoletes.

Whenever a unit becomes obsolete because of new technology you have discovered, it is immediately replaced by an equivalent (though not veteran) modern unit. When you acquire a city by bribery, any remaining units that are obsolete for you get upgraded immediately.

Players with veteran pikemen (Civ2) (defense strength 6 against mounted units) may regret their replacement by non-veteran musketeers (Civ2) (strength 3)! That could be a reason for not going out of your way to discover Feudalism (Civ2) or build pikemen if you expect to get Gunpowder (Civ2) soon.

Civilization III

Main article: Leonardo's Workshop (Civ3)

Civilization Revolution

Main article: Leonardo's Workshop (CivRev)

In Civilization Revolution all your units are upgraded at the time of completion to whatever the highest technology you have discovered for that type. Horsemen, knights and some upgraded warriors and legions, (if they have march, blitz or infiltration), can become tanks. Archers, warriors, pikemen and riflemen can become modern infantry. Galleys, triremes, and galleons can become cruisers, but not battleships. Any embarked units will also upgrade except the ranger militias which remain unchanged. Catapults, trebuchets and cannons can become artillery units. Air units and Submarines are not affected.

Any upgrades, such as veteran status, blitz, loyalty, etc, remain. Any units in cities acquired later in the game by flipping will remain whatever they were and will not be upgraded.

Building this Wonder is best timed for completion just after discovering Mass Production, Combustion, Steam Power and the Automobile, (if the player has no or few catapults and cannon, the Automobile can be researched later).


The main article has not been created for (or Leonardo's Workshop is not part of) Freeciv

In Freeciv you get one unit upgraded per turn if any qualify, as long as the wonder is not obsoleted.

Other games

Leonardo's Workshop is not present in (or the article has not been created for) the following games :

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