Leptis Magna is an important strategic city that the Carthaginians occupy. The city is east near the border with the Libyan tribe and also Ptolomaic Egypt.


History 1000 BC- 600 AD.

This city was founded by Phoenician colonists around 1000 BC. Which was also around the time of the U.K. of Israel and just a short while before a Temple was built In Jerusalem (Solomon's Temple). From the 300's BC till about 146 BC this city was part of the Carthaginian Empire. After this location was part of the Roman Empire for a few centuries until about 600 AD. After 600 AD the history no longer has anything to do with a Carthaginian or Roman based scenario after the city is taken over by the Arabs in the 640s.

Today this location is in Khoms, Libya. Also Libya is a Civilization that's part of the 21st century scenario.

North Central Africa (CTP2)

In This Photo you city Leptis Magna and a few other cities and Tribal camp sites.