The Library is a building in Civilization Revolution.

Gameplay Edit

Building a Library will double the effects of focusing your city Trade on Science production. Libraries also allow you to build Universities. They are essential to winning a Technology Victory.

Civilopedia Entry Edit

A library is a building where written materials - tablets, scrolls, books, etc. - are collected for public or private use. Before the invention of the printing press books were rare, precious items, each individual copy requiring hundreds of hours of painstaking labor to create. Only the wealthiest cities could afford a library, and those that had them had a significant technological and cultural advantage over cities that did not.

Trivia Edit

  • The Library of Congress in the United States is the largest library in the world. Its catalog contains almost 135 million items.
  • The Zaluski Library in Warsaw was one of the earliest libraries open to the public at large. opening its collection in 1747, the Zaluski Library remained open for barely four decades. Invasion and conquest of the city by Catherine the Great led to the closing of the library and the transferring of its collection to St. Petersburg, the capital of Catherine's empire.