Leige is an Important City in Belgium it begins the WW2 Western Front scenario under attack by 2 Nazi-German Ranking Generals fully ladden with Troops and Tanks and there Objective is to Invade Belgium as well as the Netherlands and France. Leige is a very old city but Belgium is a very Young Civilization that's not yet 200 years old. If your playing as the Germans you have to take over this city in 1 turn if your playing as the French you will have to re-take it and Occupy it from the Germans. you can either Give the city back to the Belgians though your Diplomacy options or you can Just keep occupying it as long as you like.
WW2 Western Front (CTP2)

This is the opening scene from the game The city of Leige is The first Belgian city to be taken over by the Nazi-Germans.It was an impressive battle lasting only 1 day but the Belgians fought very Bravely.