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This is a list of buildings in Civilization Revolution.

Building Cost Tech Required Building Required Effect
Aqueduct 120 Engineering / Increases city's growth by half
Bank 120 Banking Market Replaces market, x4 gold production
Barracks 40 Bronze Working / Units produced are automatically Veterans (+3 exp)
Cathedral 160 Religion Temple Replaces temple and gives +2 culture for each citizen
Courthouse 80 Literacy / Increases the city's workable tile region
Factory 200 Industrialization / Doubles the city's production
Granary 40 Pottery / Plains tiles give +2 food
Harbor 100 Navigation / +1 food in sea tiles
Iron Mine 80 Railroad / Mountain tiles give +4 production
Library 40 Alphabet / Doubles city science production
Market 60 Currency / Doubles city gold production
Palace / / / Capturing enemy palaces required for domination victory, own palace gives culture, defense bonus
SDI 200 Superconductor / Stops ICBMs aimed at city
Temple 40 Ceremonial Burial / +1 culture for every citizen in city
Trading Post 60 Code of Laws / +2 trade from desert tiles
University 160 University Library Replaces library, x4 science production
Walls 100 Masonry / Gives +100% defensive bonus and keeps the city from being culture-flipped, (unless Hollywood has been built by another Civilization)
Workshop 60 Construction / Provides +2 production from hills


  • Spaceship parts are listed under Buildings when selecting their construction.
  • The cost of buildings is cut in half if a Great Builder is settled in that city.
  • The completion of a building can be rushed by spending enough Gold.


  • If Aqueducts are awarded as a result of accumulating 5,000 Gold in a civilization's reserves while Spaceship parts are under construction, progress on the Spaceship parts will be lost, even if an Aqueduct is already present in the city or cities in question.

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