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In C-evo, there are relatively few predesigned units. Eight of them are (in the order the manual lists them):

Not mentioned in the manual but definitely available from the beginning is the Militia - 6/6, 1.5, cost 10. (Sometimes a more powerful unit is also called a Militia.)

Other units that you want (and will need from an early stage if you are to survive) have to be designed by you, with the research for each one taking time that would otherwise be used to research advances.

You decide what features each unit will have, and how many modules of features where there is a choice, from among the features and up to the total "weight" currently available from the advances you have researched.

The program will assign what it thinks is an appropriate name (not necessarily unique) and icon. You can change the name at any time, first on the announcement of the design of the unit before you click Enter, then later using a right-click on the unit on the F2 menu.

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