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A Wonder is a mega-building that is unique in the world and provides potent bonuses to a civilization. All Wonders are inspired by, and named after, famous real-world buildings or landmarks that have stood the test of time and changed the world forever. Wonders require time, energy, and effort to complete, but once constructed, they provide your civilization with many benefits.

Civilization VI adds a feature known as "wonder movies," which allows you to watch a Wonder being constructed from scratch in less than 30 seconds (somewhat similar to the wonder movies from Civilization IV). This replaces the announcement screen you see in Civilization V when you complete a Wonder.

Building a Wonder Edit

Building a World Wonder is an important achievement for a civilization. Each specific Wonder may exist only once in the whole world, so their construction is in fact a race between civs. Players should plan their progression well if they want to be able to build the Wonders they covet! Note that, unlike in Civilization V, there is no "consolation prize" (i.e. Civ6Gold Gold refund) if another player beats you to constructing a Wonder - you simply lose, the Wonder model is removed from the tile, and life goes on.

In relation to previous games, Civilization VI adds a revolutionary new feature: Wonders are now constructed not inside a city (that is, on the city tile), but on a separate tile near a city (like a Planetary Wonder in Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth). What's more, there are now a slew of specific requirements for almost all Wonders, which can encompass terrain type, adjacency, or other game elements. Finally, many Wonders are now unlocked via the new Civics tree, instead of the normal tech tree.

Wonders can only be built on valid land tiles (or Coast tiles in some cases) that don't contain a district. You'll only be able to build a Wonder on a Marsh if you have Irrigation or on a Rainforest if you have Bronze Working (because these are the techs which enable you to remove such features from the terrain). Also, any other existing improvements and resources will be removed from the tile, so it as advised you build them on flat land or hill tiles with no resources or features (like forests). Flat desert tiles with no resources are perfect for constructing Wonders since they don't provide any yield normally anyway. Note that, since you cannot "work" a Wonder (that is, you cannot assign Citizen6 Citizens to its tile), you will be unable to use the yields of its tile anymore; however, the tile will continue providing Adjacency bonuses. This is important for Wonders which are constructed on terrain features without removing them (such as Chichen Itza or Mahabodhi Temple).

Wonder construction can be accelerated via Industrial City-States. The Capital6 Capital gains a +2 Civ6Production Production bonus from every such City-State where you have at least 1 Envoy6 Envoy. All other cities which have an Industrial Zone (including the Capital6 Capital, if it has one) will gain +2 Civ6Production Production bonus from every such City-State where you have 3 Envoy6 Envoys, and another +2 Civ6Production Production if you have 6 Envoy6 Envoys.

With these new mechanics it becomes much more difficult to construct Wonders because, depending on their specific starting location and available nearby terrain (as well as their general development), players will have access to far fewer Wonders than before. We can expect to see much more strategy-specific Wonder construction, where each particular civ will construct only Wonders which suit its overall strategy and/or terrain availability (except in the early game, when it is still easy to grab Wonders due to their less restrictive demands on things like tile placement).

Starting the process of building a land-based Wonder also builds a road in (but not to) that tile, and unlike most natural wonder tiles your units can move across them. If a city is razed after building a Wonder, the Wonder can be rebuilt in another city.

List of Wonders Edit

Unless a Wonder's description stipulates otherwise, its effects apply only to the civilization that builds it.

Wonder Era Req. Civ6Production Prod. Bonus Placement
Alhambra (Civ6) Alhambra Medieval Castles 710
  • +2 Amenities6 Amenities
  • +1 General6 Great General point per turn
  • +1 Military policy slot
  • Provides the same defensive bonuses as the Fort improvement
Must be built on Hills adjacent to an Encampment district.
Angkor Wat Medieval Medieval Faires 710
  • +2 Civ6Faith Faith
  • +1 Citizen6 Population in all current cities when built.
  • +1 Housing6 Housing in all cities.
Must be built adjacent to an Aqueduct district.
Apadana (Civ6) Apadana Classical Political Philosophy 400
  • +2 Great Work slots
  • +2 Envoy6 Envoys when you build a wonder, including Apadana, in this city.
Must be built adjacent to a Capital6 Capital.
Big Ben (Civ6) Big Ben Industrial Economics 1450
  • +6 Civ6Gold Gold
  • +3 Merchant6 Great Merchant points per turn
  • +1 Economic policy slot
  • Doubles current treasury
Must be built next to a River adjacent to a Commercial Hub district with a Bank.
Bolshoi Theatre (Civ6) Bolshoi Theatre Industrial Opera and Ballet 1240
  • +2 Writer6 Great Writer points per turn.
  • +2 Musician6 Great Musician points per turn.
  • +1 GreatWorkWriting6 Great Work of Writing slot.
  • +1 GreatWorkMusic6 Great Work of Music slot.
  • Awards 2 randomly-chosen free civics when completed.
Must be built on flat land adjacent to a Theater Square district.
Broadway (Civ6) Broadway Modern Mass Media 1620 Must be built on flat land next to a Theater Square district.
Casa de Contratación Renaissance Cartography
Chichen Itza (Civ6) Chichen Itza Medieval Guilds 710 Must be built on Rainforest.
Colosseum (Civ6) Colosseum Classical Games and Recreation 400
  • +2 Civ6Culture Culture and +3 Amenities6 Amenities to this city and all cities in 6 tiles radius
Must be built on flat land adjacent to an Entertainment Complex district.
Colossus (Civ6) Colossus Classical Shipbuilding 400 Must be built on coast and adjacent to a Harbor district.
Cristo Redentor (Civ6) Cristo Redentor Modern Mass Media 1620 Must be built on Hills.
Eiffel Tower (Civ6) Eiffel Tower Modern Steel 1620
  • All tiles in your civilization gain +2 Appeal
Must be built on flat land adjacent to City Center.
Estádio do Maracanã (Civ6) Estádio do Maracanã Atomic Professional Sports 1850
  • +6 Civ6Culture Culture in each city of your civilization
  • +2 Amenities6 Amenities in each city of your civilization
Must be built on flat land adjacent to an Entertainment Complex with a Stadium.
Forbidden City (Civ6) Forbidden City Renaissance Printing 920
  • +5 Civ6Culture Culture
  • Gain a permanent Wild Card policy slot
Must be built on flat land adjacent to City Center.
Great Library (Civ6) Great Library Classical Recorded History 400
  • +2 Civ6Science Science
  • +1 Scientist6 Great Scientist point per turn
  • +2 GreatWorkWriting6 Great Works of Writing slots
  • Receives boost to all Ancient and Classical era technologies.
Must be built on flat land adjacent to a Campus with a Library.
Great Lighthouse (Civ6) Great Lighthouse Classical Celestial Navigation 290 Must be built on the coast and adjacent to a Harbor district with a Lighthouse.
Great Zimbabwe (Civ6) Great Zimbabwe Renaissance Banking 920
  • +5 Civ6Gold Gold
  • +2 Merchant6 Great Merchant points per turn.
  • +1 TradeRoute6 Trade Route capacity. Your TradeRoute6 Trade Routes from this city get +2 Civ6Gold Gold for every Bonus resource in this city's territory.
Must be built adjacent to a Commercial Hub district with a Market and adjacent to Cattle.
Hagia Sophia (Civ6) Hagia Sophia Medieval Education 710 Must be built on flat land adjacent to a Holy Site district, and player must have founded a religion.
Hanging Gardens (Civ6) Hanging Gardens Ancient Irrigation 180
  • Increases Growth by 15% in all cities.
  • +2 Housing6 Housing[1]
Must be built next to a river.
Hermitage (Civ6) Hermitage Industrial Natural History 1450
  • +3 Artist6 Great Artist points per turn
  • +4 Great Works of Art slots
Must be built next to a river on a non-desert and non-tundra tile.
Huey Teocalli (Civ6) Huey Teocalli Medieval Military Tactics 710
  • +1 Amenities6 Amenity from Entertainment for each adjacent lake tile. +1 Civ6Food Food and +1 Civ6Production Production for each Lake tile in your empire
Must be built on a Lake tile adjacent to land.
Jebel Barkal (Civ6) Jebel Barkal Classical Iron Working 400
  • Awards 2 Iron (Civ6) Iron.
  • Provides +4 Civ6Faith Faith to your cities that are within 6 tiles.
Must be built on a Desert Hills tile.
Kilwa Kisiwani Medieval Machinery
Kotoku-In Medieval Divine Right 710 Must be built adjacent to a Holy Site with a Temple.
Mahabodhi Temple (Civ6) Mahabodhi Temple Classical Theology 400 Must be built on woods adjacent to a Holy Site district with a Temple, and player must have founded a religion.
Mausoleum at Halicarnassus (Civ6) Mausoleum at Halicarnassus Classical Defensive Tactics 400
  • Grants a free Great Admiral when the wonder is constructed.
  • All Great Admirals can use their retirement ability an additional time and Great Engineers have an additional charge.
Must be built on a coastal tile adjacent to a Harbor district.
Mont St. Michel (Civ6) Mont St. Michel Medieval Divine Right 710
  • +2 Civ6Faith Faith
  • +2 Relic6 Relic slots
  • All Apostles you create gain the Martyr ability in addition to a second ability you choose normally.
  • Provides the same defensive bonuses as the Fort improvement
Must be built on Floodplains or Marsh.
Oracle (Civ6) Oracle Ancient Mysticism 290
  • +1 Civ6Culture Culture
  • +1 Civ6Faith Faith
  • Patronage of Great People cost 25% less Civ6Faith Faith. Districts in this city provide +2 Great Person points of their type
Must be built on hills.
Oxford University (Civ6) Oxford University Industrial Scientific Theory 1240 Must be built on flat[2] Grasslands or Plains adjacent to a Campus district with a University.
Petra (Civ6) Petra Classical Mathematics 400 Must be built on desert or floodplains without hills.
Potala Palace (Civ6) Potala Palace Renaissance Astronomy 1060 Must be built on a hill adjacent to a Mountain.
Pyramids (Civ6) Pyramids Ancient Masonry 220
  • +2 Civ6Culture Culture
  • Grants a free Builder. All Builders can build one extra improvement.
Must be built on desert (including floodplains) without hills.
Ruhr Valley (Civ6) Ruhr Valley Industrial Industrialization 1240 Must be built along a River adjacent to an Industrial Zone district with a Factory.
Statue of Liberty Industrial Civil Engineering
St. Basil's Cathedral Renaissance Reformed Church
Stonehenge (Civ6) Stonehenge Ancient Astrology 180 Must be adjacent to Stone and on flat land.
Sydney Opera House (Civ6) Sydney Opera House Atomic Cultural Heritage 1740 Must be built on coast adjacent to a Harbor. Cannot be built on a lake.
Taj Mahal Renaissance Humanism
Temple of Artemis Ancient Archery Must be built next to a Camp.
Terracotta Army (Civ6) Terracotta Army Classical Construction 400 Must be built on Grassland or Plains adjacent to an Encampment district with a Barracks or Stable.
Venetian Arsenal (Civ6) Venetian Arsenal Renaissance Mass Production 920
  • +2 Engineer6 Great Engineer points per turn
  • Receive a second naval unit each time you train a naval unit.[3]
Must be built on the coast[4] and adjacent to an Industrial Zone district.
??? Atomic Cold War
All Wonders - Civilization 6 - Some Wonders of the World 🗼

All Wonders - Civilization 6 - Some Wonders of the World 🗼

  1. This effect was added in the Summer 2017 Update.
  2. Note that "flat" is not specified in-game.
  3. This bonus applies to any city.
  4. Note that in-game it lists the requirement as "adjacent to the coast", but this is not correct.

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