Lord of the Rings is a scenario for Call to Power II that is based on the works of J. R. R. Tolkien and set in the world of Middle-earth. It is one of the six fantasy maps including Star Trek broken earth. Most maps are available through Apolyton. Extra maps can be found at WePlayCiv such as western front map made by Activision.


The Middle-earth map in Call to Power II is only medium-sized, but there are still about 200 or so city-states and over a dozen civilizations that were located on this map. The map spans the Second and Third Ages up to the present, but it does not feature the First Age because the coast line was radically different in that time period. Regardless, the Second and Third Ages of Middle-earth cover about 6000 years of history. The time frame is similar to that of the base game, making it technically possible to start a game in 4000 BC and play until victory can be reached in 2300 AD. However, a civilization that has enough cities will advance much faster in science and technology than a smaller civilization. (By the year 2300 AD, your technology might be set in the Ancient or Renaissance era, but it could be modern, genetic, or even the diamond age if you play for this long with a big empire.)


The civilizations of the Lord of the Rings mod span multiple time periods.

Second and Third AgesEdit

  • Orcs (Barbarians)
  • Arnorians
  • Gondorians
  • Mordorians
  • West Eridorians (Later known as Lindonites)
  • Easterling
  • Angmarians
  • Elfs
  • Hobbits
  • Lindonite
  • Independents

Domination VictoryEdit

The easiest way to win is by playing as the Arnorians. The best time period was when they were having a golden age. This was the time when the Arnorians had united much of the Eridor Basin. It is best to use your dragons to send raids on Mordor Orcs.