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230%, 10%Edit

My Book 38 in late 2015. Capital just south of Equator. Space Port and MIR first. On one of the two biggest islands with four other nations and two rare minerals. Cleaned those enemies up - using basic bombers at first then needing stronger ones as the enemies developed stronger defenders - and fended off attacks from the well-advanced nation that had a nearby island to itself. The other mineral was in two very different places: one on the other big island with several competitors, the other a similar distance away near North Pole. Chose the latter, and most of the time taken was to get a well-defended ship to carry an engineer and three marines, with four bombers for protection during the voyage and the city-building. Win 2100 BC. Might have won sooner with less city growth and more cities so as to attack the big island instead of making the long trek, but would still need a good ship because the big island was much too far for unaided bombers. -- Robin Patterson (Talk) 12:29, November 15, 2015 (UTC)

230%, 50%Edit

My Book 39 in Nov 2015. Capital on coast at about 40 degrees south latitude. Space Port and MIR first (then two Engineers) while Settler built city where it was. Nearest three minerals not too far away but two were close to other nations (all standard AI) so I needed bombers as well as staging-post cities. Built ten cities, the first three in 3700, 3650, and 3600, all close to the capital, and the next was called "3250-Mercury" (conveniently on an island within 12 steps of capital). Next came two staging-posts in 3200 and 3100, then in 2750 I built the last two mineral cities and starting finishing the space ship with little interference from enemies, who had only one or two cities each and were therefore no match for my bombers, 6 or 7 of which I was churning out from airports every turn for the last quarter of the game.

Won by 2450 BC, capturing all six cities of five nations along the way (not strictly necessary but the bombers and paratroops had nothing better to do towards the end). I ended with:

  • 6 Engineers (with no useful tasks left)
  • 13 basic Marines
  • 23 basic Airliners
  • 48 Bombers, designed at about level 18 of Artificial Intelligence, called "1770B-0/177/12.5x2 FanaticBomber".

Babylonians (not very close to me) had 2 cities and 19 ground units and five ships, clearly top in military strength. Americans had a Town Guard and 18 decent ground units, and with no port they had no ships though they had designed six types. Near the lower end of the military scale were the Egyptians with only 11 decent ground units after fighting Persians and Japanese. Nobody had made peace with anybody.

It seems a pity that the game does not tell us what units a defeated nation had designed. The nine surviving enemy nations had designed no air units but had each designed generally two or three Marines, Missile Launchers, Transports, and Warships, not building many of each. What a waste of research time! Six of them were researching AI or MT at the end; of the others, none had researched more than 18 future techs. I reached AI 25 and was able to design a powerful warship just for fun: "3792/474/5.5+ Battle Ship".

-- Robin Patterson (Talk) 12:29, November 15, 2015 (UTC)