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Manufactory (Civ5)

Great people improvement


Great engineer (Civ5) Great engineer

  • +4 20xProduction5 Production when worked by a city
  • +1 additional 20xProduction5 Production with Chemistry


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Game InfoEdit

Great tile improvement. Constructed by a Great Engineer.

  • Effect:
    • Connects any strategic resource on the tile
    • +4 20xProduction5 Production
    • +1 additional 20xProduction5 Production after researching Chemistry
    • +4 additional 20xProduction5 Production with New Deal Freedom tenet

Historical InfoEdit

A Manufactory is a plant consisting of one or more buildings in which things are built. The buildings might be foundries, factories, assembly lines, and so forth, usually all working on related items - the foundry creates the steel that the factory rolls into sheets which the workers on the assembly line make into cans, and so forth. A well-run Manufactory can be incredibly productive.

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