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Marvels have been introduced to Beyond Earth in the Rising Tide expansion pack. Unless the player specifically chooses to disable them, every Rising Tide map will have at least one marvel.

All marvels take up three hexes. (Except for the massive meteorite crater which takes up four.) Every biome has a unique marvel, and water has a unique marvel.

Once a Marvel is found, a quest begins for all players, which requires players to explore the map to find various items. The quest is separated into two parts, requiring the player to gather a single sample and then two (or more, corresponding to your game speed; marathon requires 9) additional samples. Once the quest is complete the player will gain a bonus. Unlike wonders, multiple civilizations may complete these quests. Different factions can complete the same marvel quest, as well.

Any unit can be used to explore Marvels.

Marvels are similar to the natural wonder concept in Civilization V.

Ancient Alien MetropolisEdit

Alien Metropolis Marvel

Ancient Alien Metropolis

  • Biome: Arid
  • Quest Item: Abandoned Alien City
  • Quest: Hearts and Sand: Survey Abandoned Alien Cities
  • Reward for Exploring Single Marvel: None
  • Reward for Completing Entire Quest: 5-20% bonus combat 20xStrengthBE Strength for all military units, dependent on positive global 20xHealthBE Health (1-20)

Ancient Alien StructureEdit

Alien Structure Marvel (CivBE)

Ancient Alien Structure

  • Biome: Frigid
  • Quest Item: Floating Alien Structure
  • Quest: Ice and Conquest: Investigate Alien Structures
  • Reward for Exploring Single Marvel: None
  • Reward for Completing Entire Quest: Each ancient alien structure within the player's territory provides 3 20xGeothermalBE Geothermal.

Colossal Alien FungusEdit

Alien Fungus Marvel (CivBE)

Colossal Alien Fungus

  • Biome: Fungal
  • Quest Item: Alien Fungus
  • Quest: Spores and Harvest: Clean Giant Fungi
  • Reward for Exploring Single Marvel: +3 20xFoodBE Food added to adjacent tiles
  • Reward for Completing Entire Quest: 15% 20xFoodBE Food carried over after city growth.

Monstrous Alien RemainsEdit

Monstrous Alien Remains

Monstrous Alien Remains

  • Biome: Lush
  • Quest Item: Alien Remains
  • Quest: Strength and Decay: Biopsy Alien Remains
  • Reward for Exploring Single Marvel: None
  • Reward for Completing Entire Quest: All military units can leash alien units.

Massive Meteorite CraterEdit

Meteorite Crater Marvel (CivBE)

Massive Meteorite Crater

  • Biome: Primordial
  • Quest Item: Meteorite Crater
  • Quest: Deus Ex Chemia: Mine Meteorite Craters
  • Reward for Exploring Single Marvel: None
  • Reward for Completing Entire Quest: Increased in 20xProductionBE Production in all cities for 50 turns. The number of turns the production bonuses come from increases by +2 turns for every future crater mined.

Hydracoral OvermindEdit

Hydracoral Overmind Marvel

Hydracoral Overmind

  • Biome: Any
  • Quest Item: Giant Hydracoral Brain (May only be on Water)
  • Quest: Visions in the Storm: Take samples of Giant Hydrocoral Brains
  • Reward for Exploring Single Marvel: None
  • Reward for Completing Entire Quest: Tiles surrounding Hydracoral are now visible. Citizens can work tiles containing Hydracoral.
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