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Mechanized Infantry is a fast defense unit available late in several Civ games. Often listed as Mech. Inf. or Mech. Infantry.


Requires Labor Union (Civ1); A/D/M 6/6/3. Cost 50; Never Obsoletes.

Civilization IIEdit

Requires Labor Union; A/D/M/H 6/6/3/3; Cost 50, Never Obsolete.

Civilization IIIEdit

Requires Computers, Oil and Rubber Resources; A.D.M 12.18.2; Cost 110, does not upgrade, has Zone of Control

Civilization IVEdit

Main article: Mechanized Infantry (Civ4)

Requires Robotics, Rifling, No Resource; S/M 32/2; Cost 200, starts with March promotion.

Civilization VEdit

Main article: Mechanized Infantry (Civ5)

Requires Electronics



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