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  • Hey Becer! 

    I'm starting to reorganise things in the main articles a bit - adding info, etc. One problem I noticed is that there are two lists of Civics - one in the Civics (Civ6), the other in Policy Cards (Civ6). We should decide where to keep a single list, since I think it's redundand to have two at the same time. 

    Another thing - it would be nice to have sort of a link pointing to the Civ 6 Article menu, so we could navigate more easily around the wiki. Right now the Civilization VI links point to the Overview article. Maybe we could add distinctive links in its beginning, the way we had it in Civ 5? And I'm thinking maybe we should replace one of the links in the Main page with Game Concepts category link (again, the way there was in Civ 5), which will serve as a hub to all other articles not covered by the main links.... 

    I hope you understand what I mean with all these 'links' and 'menus', it's becoming confusing :)Soltan Gris 18:06, October 25, 2016 (UTC)

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    • Hi Exit (I hope I may call you that?).

      The page does mention that, right in its title (the Civ6 part)? I doubt that someone researching stuff for a particular game will get so badly sidetracked as to start reading iabout stuff from another game in the series.

      Besides, many, many many units and buildings are found in multiple Civilization titles. 

      As for the complete sentences .... I don't know. I tend to agree, but I'd like to hear the opinion of other contributors first. 

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    • Well, we have already had new anonymous users accidentally edit the article of a wrong game. And the fact that the items appear in multiple games is just another reason to state the game in the article and not just in the title or the categories. Also, I agree with what Exitwound 45 said about complete sentences.

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  • Check your email :P

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  • Hey man! I noticed the new look of the Wiki, and I was thinking ... a few things :)

    First, great job with including Civ 6 in the main menu - it's going to be easy now to browse all related content. Aaaa, don't you think we should have a direct link to Civics there? You now, the way we had to Social Policies in Civ 5? I mean, Civics are kinda the successor of Social Policies, and they're a major part of the game. Or you're thinking to include them in the Government article? Speaking of that, I'm expanding it a bit...

    Now, I'm not sure I like the background color works... Or it's just temporary? Dam, I'm not even sure I should be asking these things of you ! I just thought of sharing my impressions ... 

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    • I undid a Redirect from the Technologies link on the main page, and started a list of techs, as last seen in the 'Devs show off Religion' video. So, the technologies link now sends to this list, as it was in Civ 5 :)

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    • Great! I redirected to the category because there was no tech list ready yet so that's perfect.

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  • Hi Becer,

    Unrelated from the design portion of the wiki -- We're going to PAX this weekend and will be able to ask 3 devs at the show any questions about the series or Civ 6 in general.

    If you have any, please write back!

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  • Hey Becer,

    Here is a quick draft of a redesign. Please take the time to take a look and provide any feedback you have. This is the first draft, so please keep that in mind.

    Going to send this message to ZeroOne as well.

    Civilization-6 Main-Page mock R1

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    • Wonderful, thanks! I'm indeed happy with it and have no issues with the design. Looking forward to the move.

      By the way do you think you could email me to discuss another subject?

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    • Sent you an email. Let me know if you didn't get it.

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