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Game infoEdit

  • Utility satellite. Requires Alien Biology technology.
  • Removes Miasma from affected tiles
  • Lifetime: 10 turns
  • Range: 2 tiles

This satellite emits specific radiation which clears miasma from affected tiles. The clearing effect starts from the center and spreads outwards in its range of 2 tiles.

Given the fact that Miasma can greatly harm your colony in its infancy, these units are the most frequently used satellites in the early game.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

Miasma is a gaseous substance native to this planet. Although it appears to seep upward from the planet itself, it is actually formed from molecules present in the planet’s lower atmosphere. When portions of the planet’s surface are heated to a particular temperature, the molecules combine, creating Miasma. Once the colonies realized this, they were able to design satellites which were capable of blocking solar energy. Dubbed “Miasmic Repulsors", these precision satellites can lower the temperature of existing Miasma, causing the molecules to separate and the gas to dissipate.

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