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Milan is a cultured city-state in Civilization V. Cultured city-states give you cultural bonuses when you befriend or ally with them.

Game InfoEdit

Milan is introduced in the Gods & Kings expansion pack.

Musical Theme Inspiration: ?

Architecture: Mediterranean

Civilopedia entryEdit

Founded in the 4th century BC by the Celtic Insubres people, the city of Milan in northern Italy grew over time to become one of the greatest cultural centers of the Italian Renaissance period.

After being conquered by the Romans in approximately 222 BC, Milan later became one of the three capitals of the Roman Empire during the Tetrarchy of Emperor Diocletian. Passing through the hands of a number of kings and empires following Rome's decline, Milan's prosperity continued to climb as the city became an increasingly important bastion in northern Italy.

Of the many notable aspects of Milan's history, none have a greater renown than the city's cultural contributions to the world. As an integral part of the Italian Renaissance movement, Milan was home to many great artists, who produced some of the greatest works of the era. Perhaps the most famous of Milan's residents was the painter Leonardo da Vinci, who spent much of his life working and studying in the city.

In the present day, Milan is still recognized as one of the world's leading cultural centers, with much of the current focus being on fashion and modern design. Milan is also one of Italy's most important commercial business centers, as much of the country's transportation infrastructure leads through the city. Numerous multinational corporations also have offices in Milan, with industries ranging from telecommunications to manufacturing.