Minerals are used to build units, Base facilities, Secret Projects (SMAC), maintaining units, or reconverted into Energy Credits through Stockpile Energy.

Mineral costs are calculated into "rows", which varies depending on the INDUSTRY rating of the faction.

An industrial rating of 0 (normal) makes a Mineral row costs 10 Minerals. +1 (10% decrease) makes a Mineral row costs 9 Minerals. -1 (10% increase) makes a Mineral row costs 11 Minerals.


Rolling and Rocky terrain produces +1 Minerals.

The following Landmarks provides +1 Minerals :

  • Mount Planet
  • Garland Crater
  • Fossil Fuel Ridge
  • Nessus Canyon


However, most of the Minerals are provided through Terraforming.

  • Forest, +2 Minerals
  • Mine, +1 Minerals, +1 with Road, +2 if Rocky terrain
  • Thermal Borehole, +6 Minerals
  • Mining Platform, +1 Minerals,

Base FacilitiesEdit

The following Base facilities provides Minerals, but are only available later in game.