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The Missile Cruiser is a late-game naval unit. It is the most deadly ship in the sea, with a high strength and the ability to carry four missiles.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

Once considered an obsolete class of ship, the Cruiser made an impressive comeback in the final decades of the twentieth century. Experiments in ship-mounted missile systems had begun as early as World War II and by the end of the war, the United States Navy had outfitted a slew of Cruisers with surface-to-air missile capabilities. In the 1980s, these early experiments in ship-mounted missile armaments culminated in AEGIS-equipped Ticonderoga-class Missile Cruisers. More than simply reviving the Cruiser class, the "Tico," with its 127 missile arsenal and its phase-array radar, turned the Cruiser into one of the most ferocious ships at sea.

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