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Game InfoEdit

Religious unit. May only be obtained by purchasing with 20xfaith5 Faith in a city with a majority religion.

  • Common traits:
    • Limited visibility
  • Abilities:
    • May enter rival territory
    • Spread Religion (2 uses)
    • Unwelcome Evangelist - loses Conversion power while in a territory your nation isn't allowed to enter (-250 per turn; if power reaches 0 the unit dies)


The Missionary is the basic way to spread your religion beyond the automatic city spread function. Once adjacent to a city, he can spread his religion to it (expending the Missionary after the second use). The effect of the action, or rather, the number of citizens that convert to the Missionary's religion, may vary according to many factors.

If Missionaries enter the territory of another civilization without an Open Borders treaty, they will lose 250 Religious Strength per turn to "attrition." When their Religious Strength reaches zero, they are removed from play.

Note that each Missionary represents the religion of the city where he was born (purchased)! Be careful not to spread the wrong religion inadvertently by purchasing a Missionary in a city which has been recently converted to another religion.

If produced in a city containing the Great Mosque of Djenne wonder, the Missionary will be able to Spread Religion an additional time before expiring. Also, if his religion has the Interfaith Dialogue Belief, and the target city has a different religion, the action will also yield a number of 20xScience5 Science points.

Historical InfoEdit

Missionaries are members of a religious group or sect sent abroad to spread the message of their chosen religion. While their primary goal is to share their religious views and hopefully gain new followers, missionaries typically provide other beneficial services to the areas they visit. By setting up clinics, schools, and other social welfare programs, missionaries help those in need while also serving in their evangelical role.

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