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The following units can be upgraded to Mobile Artillery units:


Mobile Artillery is both the fastest and the most powerful siege weapon in the game. It also receives an impressive bonus against siege weapons.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

The campaigns of World War II brought to the forefront a key predicament in the development of mobile howitzers: how should new artillery reconcile the need for maneuverability with the demand for destructive power? Militaries the world round would have to wait until the 1960s for a machine that was both mobile and truly powerful.

The M109 Paladin, capable of launching a 155mm-caliber artillery shell over nine miles and moving at speeds of 40mph, has become the world standard in self-propelled howitzers. But with the Paladin beginning to show its age, a new machine, the Crusader, capable of firing every six seconds and coordinating eight hits simultaneously, may soon find a spot at the top of the howitzer hierarchy.

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