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Game InfoEdit

Advanced anti-air unit of the Atomic Era. Upgrades from the Anti-Aircraft Gun.

  • Common abilities:
    • Interception (100)
    • Bonus vs Aircraft/Helicopters (150)


Mobile SAM (Surface-to-Air Missile) units are the modern airplane destroyers, replacing the older guns with new and far deadlier rocket-launching platforms. The rockets can track their aerial targets, improving both damage and accuracy.

These units are quite powerful altogether at the time they become available, but later when the other unit classes upgrade, they become fairly vulnerable to non-air attack and should be accompanied by infantry or armor at all times. The Mobile SAM is the best anti-air defense in the game. 

Historical InfoEdit

As helicopters developed into more efficient killing machines, the infantry in turn developed weapons designed to combat the growing menace - not to mention the danger posed by jet fighters. Modern "SAMs" (surface-to-air missiles) are fast, light, and contain radar, allowing them to "lock on" to enemy aircraft and fly into them, exploding violently and doing all sorts of probably lethal damage to the fragile planes and choppers. In response more stealthy vehicles have been created and also better missile-jamming technology has been employed. Still, SAM launchers make it hot indeed for enemy aircraft, providing good protection to fellow ground-pounders from the airborne menace.


The Mobile SAM is modeled after the Soviet made 2K12 Kub tracked mobile SAM system.

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