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local data = {}
data["Agricultural"] = { notes = "Extra food produced from river squares and [[Aqueduct (Civ3)|aqueducts]] are cheaper."}
data["Commercial"] =   { notes = "The center city squares of all cities and metros produce extra commerce, and less corruption is experienced."}
data["Expansionist"] = { notes = "The civilization starts the game with a [[Scout (Civ3)|Scout]] and can build more later, and passive minor barbarians are friendlier."}
data["Industrious"] =  { notes = "[[Worker (Civ3)|Workers]] complete tasks faster and the center city square of all cities produces extra shields in cities and metros."}
data["Militaristic"] = { notes = "It is easier to build military improvements ([[Barracks (Civ3)|barracks]], for example), and combat experience is gained more quickly."}
data["Religious"] =    { notes = "Religious civilizations do not experience periods of [[Anarchy (government) (Civ3)|anarchy]] during revolutions, and religious city improvements ([[Temple (Civ3)|Temples]], for instance) are easier to build."}
data["Scientific"] =   { notes = "Scientific city improvements (like [[Research Lab (Civ3)|research labs]]) are easier to build and the civilization receives a free [[List of advances in Civ3|Civilization Advance]] at the start of every era."}
data["Seafaring"] =    { notes = "Naval units get +1 movement, [[Harbor (Civ3)|harbors]] are cheaper, extra commerce in coastal cities."}
return data

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