local data = {}
data["Charismatic"] = {info = "<nowiki>+</nowiki>100% time between tax increases."}
data["Conquistador"] = {info = "<nowiki>+</nowiki>25% vs. Natives."}
data["Cooperative"] = {info = "Natives are more tolerant towards territory encroachment.<br>-50% time spent living among natives to learn a new skill."}
data["Determined"] = {info = "<nowiki>+</nowiki>100% effect of [[Liberty Bell (Civ4Col)|Liberty Bell]]s on rebel strength."}
data["Disciplined"] = {info = "<nowiki>-</nowiki>50% soldier equipment required."}
data["Enterprising"] = {info = "<nowiki>+</nowiki>100% Native conversion rate from Missions."}
data["Gracious"] = {info = "<nowiki>+</nowiki>100% gold at first European contact with Native villages.<br>Free Promotion: [[Ranger I (Promotion) (Civ4Col)|Ranger I]]."}
data["Impressionable"] = {info = "<nowiki>+</nowiki>100% Native conversion rate from Missions.<br>Free Promotion: [[Grenadier I (Promotion) (Civ4Col)|Grenadier I]]."}
data["Indulgent"] = {info = "<nowiki>-</nowiki>50% cost of native land purchasing.<br>Free Promotion: [[Formation (Promotion) (Civ4Col)|Formation]]."}
data["Industrious"] = {info = "<nowiki>+</nowiki>25% {{Hammer4}} in all settlements."}
data["Libertarian"] = {info = "<nowiki>+</nowiki>25% [[Liberty Bell (Civ4Col)|Liberty Bell]]s in all settlements."}
data["Mercantile"] = {info = "Market prices are less sensitive."}
data["Mentor"] = {info = "<nowiki>-</nowiki>50% time spent living among natives to learn a new skill.<br>Free Promotion: [[Mountaineer I (Promotion) (Civ4Col)|Mountaineer I]]."}
data["Militaristic"] = {info = "Free Promotion: [[Grenadier I (Promotion) (Civ4Col)|Grenadier I]]."}
data["Prosperous"] = {info = "Yields +100% Treasure when villages are captured.<br>Free Promotion: [[Minuteman I (Promotion) (Civ4Col)|Minuteman I]]."}
data["Resourceful"] = {info = "<nowiki>-</nowiki>50% XP needed for unit promotions."}
data["Tolerant"] = {info = "<nowiki>-</nowiki>25% [[Crosses (Civ4Col)|Crosses]] needed for immigration."}
return data