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local data = {}
data["42"] = { 
  condition="Research All Techs", 
  reference="The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything in Douglas Adams' ''[[wikipedia:The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy|The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy]]''." 
data["8 Days or Bust"] = { 
  condition="Win a game on Gemini Difficulty", 
  reference="A reference to the slogan on the original insignia patch for the [[wikipedia:Gemini 5|Gemini 5]] mission."
data["A Fistful of Dollars"] = { 
  condition="Unlock All Tier 1 Virtue Synergy Bonuses", 
  reference="A reference to the 1964 Clint Eastwood movie [[wikipedia:A Fistful of Dollars|of the same name]]."
data["A Planet the Very Brother of Your Own"] = { 
  condition="Win game on Terran Map", 
  reference="A reference to a line from the 1923 H.G. Wells novel ''[[wikipedia:Men_Like_Gods|Men Like Gods]]'', which described a parallel Earth that was a utopian society."
data["Aim to Misbehave"] = { 
  condition="Win a game on a Duel Map", 
  reference="Closing words of a speech by Captain Malcolm Reynolds in ''[[wikipedia:Serenity (film)|Serenity]]''."
data["Beep… Beep…. Beep..."] = { 
  condition="Win a game on Sputnik difficulty.", 
  reference="The achievement icon depicts the [[Wikipedia: Sputnik-1|Sputnik-1/PS-1]], Earth's first artificial satellite, the sole payload of which was a battery-powered two-frequency radio beacon transmitting simple beeps, hence the name."
data["C'mon you apes, you wanna live forever?"] = { 
  condition="Fully explore the Might virtue tree", 
  reference=[=[A line from the 1959 Heinlein novel ''[[wikipedia:Starship Troopers|Starship Troopers]]'', delivered by one of the eponymous troopers. This line was itself a reference to a famous line uttered in World War I, "C'mon you sons of bitches, you wanna live forever?" The Mobile Infantry (and, indeed, much of the ethos of ''Starship Troopers'') aligns well with the Might virtue.]=]
data["Chief Extraterrestrial Officer"] = { 
  condition="Win a game as Fielding", 
  reference="This achievement is a pun on the common corporate title of Chief Executive Officer."
data["Cruel and Unusual Geography"] = { 
  condition="Win game on Equatorial Map", 
  reference="A subject taught at Unseen University in Terry Pratchett's ''[[wikipedia:Discworld|Discworld]]'' novels."
data["Cylon Computer Virus"] = { 
  condition="Win a multiplayer game", 
  reference="A tactic used by the Cylons in the 2003 reimagining of ''[[wikipedia:Battlestar Galactica|Battlestar Galactica]]''."
data["Enemy Within"] = { 
  condition="Kill an enemy spy", 
  reference=[=[This is probably a reference to Firaxis' own expansion pack ''[[wikipedia:XCOM: Enemy Within|XCOM: Enemy Within]]'', which introduced intelligence and counterintelligence activities (among other things) to the original XCOM game.]=]
data["Energize"] = { 
  condition="Develop a city to produce more than 100 energy per turn", 
  reference=[=[This achievement title almost certainly makes reference to the command regularly given by Captain Jean-Luc Picard in ''[[wikipedia:Star Trek: The Next Generation|Star Trek: The Next Generation]]'' when activating the transporter.]=]
data["Father of Nations"] = { 
  condition="Win a game as Barre", 
  reference="Most probably a tribute to African Leader Nélson Mandela, proclamed as Father of African Free and Independent Nations"
data["Fearful Symmetry"] = { 
  condition="Win a game on a Skirmish Map.", 
  reference="This is a reference to a line from William Blake's poem, Tyger."
data["For A Few Dollars More"] = { 
  condition="Unlock All Tier 2 Virtue Synergy Bonuses", 
  reference="This achievement title makes reference to the 1965 Clint Eastwood movie [[wikipedia:For_a_Few_Dollars_More|of the same name]]."
data["Gagarin's Legacy"] = { 
  condition="Win a game as Kozlov", 
  reference="A reference to Russian [[wikipedia:Yuri Gagarin|Yuri Gagarin]], the first human in outer space."
data["Game over, man!"] = { 
  condition="One Hit Kill", 
  reference="The achievement title is a quotation from the 1986 James Cameron film ''[[wikipedia:Aliens_%28film%29|Aliens]]''. The line is delivered by Hudson, one of the Colonial Marines."
data["Godspeed"] = { 
  condition="Win a game on Mercury Difficulty", 
  reference="The title of this achievement is a reference to a transmission made by [[wikipedia:Scott Carpenter|Scott Carpenter]] to John Glenn during the launch of ''Friendship 7'', part of Project Mercury."
data["Grand Galactic Inquisitor"] = { 
  condition="Win at least one game with each leader", 
  reference=[=[The Grand Galactic Inquisitor is a phenomenally obnoxious character on [[wikipedia:The Venture Bros.|The Venture Bros.]] who yells "Ignore me!"]=]
data["Homo Aliena"] = { 
  condition="Achieve Max Level in Harmony", 
  reference="This is a reference combing the scientific name for humans (Homo sapien) and the word"
data["I'm in the middle of some calibrations"] = { 
  condition="Play with a Mod", 
  reference="A phrase spoken by the character [[Wikipedia: Garrus Vakarian|Garrus Vakarian]] in the video game ''[[Wikipedia: Mass Effect 2|Mass Effect 2]]'', which achieved memetic status as the character would repeatedly use it to deflect attempts to start a conversation, and was even heavily self-referenced in ''Mass Effect 3''."
data["I'm On Another Boat"] = { 
  condition="Embark a unit", 
  reference="This achievement makes reference to the Civilization V Steam Achievement [[Steam_achievements_in_Civ5/I'm_on_a_Boat!|I'm on a Boat!]], which is a reference to the Lonely Island song."
data["I've made a lot of special modifications myself"] = { 
  condition="Download a mod", 
  reference="The achievement title is a quotation from ''[[wikipedia:Star_Wars_%28film%29|Star Wars]]'' (specifically, ''A New Hope''), said originally by Han Solo in reference to the ''Millenium Falcon'', his ship."
data["It's Full of Stars"] = { 
  condition="Achieve Transcendence", 
  reference=[=[A line from Arthur C. Clarke's novel ''[[wikipedia:2001:_A_Space_Odyssey_%28novel%29|2001: A Space Odyssey]]''. Just as Dave Bowman is being drawn into the Monolith, he exclaims "The thing's hollow — it goes on forever — and — oh my God! — it's full of stars!"]=]
data["Just Like Voskhod 2"] = { 
  condition="Win game on Taigan map", 
  reference="Voskhod 2 was a Soviet manned space mission."
data["Light This Candle"] = { 
  condition="Launch an orbital unit", 
  reference=[=[A quote from [[wikipedia:Alan Shepard|Alan Shepard]], the first American in space, from just before his launch on May 5th, 1961. Reportedly, after repeated delays, Shepard said, "Why don't you fix your little problem and light this candle?" The quotation later appeared in the film ''The Right Stuff'', a film about test pilots including Shepard.]=]
data["Live Long and Prosper"] = { 
  condition="Fully explore the Prosperity virtue tree", 
  reference="The achievement title is a Vulcan phrase (accompanying a one-handed salute) from the ''[[wikipedia:Star Trek|Star Trek]]'' franchise."
data["Logic is the beginning of wisdom"] = { 
  condition="Fully explore the Knowledge virtue tree", 
  reference=[=[The achievement title is a line from the 1991 movie ''[[wikipedia:Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country|Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country]]''. The line is delivered by Captain Spock to Lieutenant Valeris, and in full, is "Logic is the beginning of wisdom, Valeris, not the end.".]=]
data["Making Way for a Hyperspace Bypass"] = { 
  condition="Raze 100 Alien nests", 
  reference="A reference to the beginning of Douglas Adams' ''[[wikipedia:The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (novel)|The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy]]'', in which contractors inform Arthur Dent that his home (and the planet Earth) must be demolished to make way for a hyperspace bypass."
data["Mark II"] = { 
  condition="Upgrade a Unit", 
data["Mighty Fine Shindig"] = { 
  condition="Develop a city to produce more than 100 culture per turn", 
  reference="A line from the episode ''Shindig'' from the TV series ''[[wikipedia:Firefly_%28TV_series%29|Firefly]]''. The line is delivered by Captain Mal Reynolds to Inara."
data["Moksha"] = { 
  condition="Win a game as Kavitha", 
  reference="In Indian religions, Moksha means means emancipation, liberation or release."
data["Never Surrender"] = { 
  condition="Win a game as Bolivar", 
  reference=[=[A line from the ''Star Trek'' parody film ''[[wikipedia:Galaxy_Quest|Galaxy Quest]]''. In full, the line is "Never give up, never surrender!"]=]
data["No bucks, No Buck Rogers"] = { 
  condition="Fully explore the Industry virtue tree", 
  reference="This achievement's title is a line from the 1983 film ''[[wikipedia:The_Right_Stuff_%28film%29|The Right Stuff]]'', delivered by Gus Grissom in reference to funding required for the space program."
data["Once Upon A Time In Space"] = { 
  condition="Unlock All Tier 3 Virtue Synergy Bonuses", 
  reference=[=["Once upon a time" is a stock phrase used to introduce a narrative of past events, typically in fairy tales and folk tales. It has been used in some form since at least 1380.]=]
data["Order of Lenin"] = { 
  condition="Win a game on Soyuz Difficulty", 
  reference="The Order of Lenin, named after the leader of the Russian October Revolution, was the highest decoration bestowed by the Soviet Union."
data["Pale Blue Dot"] = { 
  condition="Win a game on a Standard Map", 
  reference="This achievement shares its title with a famous [[wikipedia:Pale_Blue_Dot|photograph]] requested and titled by the astronomer [[wikipedia:Carl Sagan|Carl Sagan]]. The image is of Earth, as viewed from the Voyager space probe at a distance of six billion kilometres - a single pale blue dot in a vast expanse of space."
data["Patent Pending"] = { 
  condition="Steal a tech", 
  reference="A reference to the term Patent Pending, used in order to defer copying of an idea."
data["Phone Home"] = { 
  condition="Achieve Promised land", 
  reference="The achievement title makes reference to the 1982 film [[wikipedia:E.T. the Extraterrestrial|E.T. the Extraterrestrial]]."
data["Planned Obsolescence"] = { 
  condition="Achieve Emancipation", 
  reference="Planned obsolescence is a policy of planning or designing a product with an artificially limited useful life, so it will become obsolete, after a certain period of time"
data["Poseidon's Children"] = { 
  condition="Win game on Atlantean Map", 
  reference="This achievement shares its title with a hard science fiction novel series by [[wikipedia:Alastair Reynolds|Alastair Reynolds]]. The series includes augmented humans living beneath the sea (from which the title comes)."
data["Resistance is Futile"] = { 
  condition="Achieve Domination Victory", 
  reference="This achievement's title comes from ''[[wikipedia:Star Trek: The Next Generation|Star Trek: The Next Generation]]'', as the catchphrase of the recurring villain race, the Borg."
data["Rules of Acquisition"] = { 
  condition="Purchase 1000 Tiles", 
  reference="The Rules of Acquisition are intended to ensure the profitability of businesses owned by Ferengi in the [[wikipedia:Star Trek|Star Trek]] universe."
data["Shining Path"] = { 
  condition="Win a game as Daoming", 
data["So Say We All"] = { 
  condition="Achieve Max Level in Purity", 
  reference="This achievement's title is a concluding response to prayer in the Twelve Colonies of the ''[[wikipedia:Battlestar Galactica|Battlestar Galactica]]'' franchise."
data["Steely Eyed Missile Man"] = { 
  condition="Achieve one of each other victory.", 
  reference="Compliment paid to NASA flight controller John Aaron, who restored the Apollo 12 flight telemetry system after the spacecraft was struck by lightning in flight."
data["That New Planet Smell"] = { 
  condition="Win game on Protean Map", 
  reference="This is a reference to the term That New Car Smell"
data["That's No Moon"] = { 
  condition="Win a game on a Small Map", 
  reference=[=[This achievement title is a line from ''[[wikipedia:Star_Wars_%28film%29|Star Wars]]''. The full line, delivered by Obi-Wan Kenobi, is "That's no moon. It's a space station."]=]
data["The Art of the Infinite"] = { 
  condition="Win a game as Élodie", 
data["The Big Payoff"] = { 
  condition="Win a game as Hutama", 
data["The Eagle Has Landed"] = { 
  condition="Win a game on Apollo Difficulty", 
  reference="First uttered by Neil Armstrong during the [[wikipedia:Apollo 11|Apollo 11]] mission when the lunar module ''Eagle'' landed on the moon."
data["The Machineries of Joy"] = { 
  condition="Build any wonder", 
  reference="The achievement title makes reference to the Ray Bradbury short [[wikipedia:The_Machineries_of_Joy|story]] of the same name."
data["The Only Good Bug is a Dead Bug"] = { 
  condition="500 Aliens Killed", 
  reference="This achievement's title is one of the taglines for ''[[wikipedia:Starship Troopers (film)|Starship Troopers]]''."
data["The Sound of Inevitability"] = { 
  condition="Achieve Max Level in Supremacy", 
  reference="This achievement's title is a line from the 1999 movie [[wikipedia:The Matrix|The Matrix]], delivered by Agent Smith - fittingly, an Artificial Intelligence construct."
data["The View is Tremendous"] = { 
  condition="Win a game on a Large Map", 
  reference="The title of this achievement makes reference to a comment made by [[wikipedia:John Glenn|John Glenn]], the first American to orbit the Earth in 1962."
data["There is no Try"] = { 
  condition="Get beaten to wonders 10 times", 
  reference="This achievement's title references one of Yoda's lines in ''[[wikipedia:The Empire Strikes Back|Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back]]''."
data["Tiny Big Planet"] = { 
  condition="Win a game on a Tiny Map", 
  reference="This achievement's title is a reference to the Media Molecule game ''[[wikipedia:LittleBigPlanet|LittleBigPlanet]]''."
data["United Federation of Planets"] = { 
  condition="Win at least one game on each map size and type", 
  reference="The United Federation of Planets is a republic from the Star Trek franchise."
data["Valley of the Time Tombs"] = { 
  condition="Build all wonders", 
  reference="This achievement's title comes from the Dan Simmons novel ''[[wikipedia:Hyperion_%28Simmons_novel%29|Hyperion]]'', where the valley so named contains a collection of (appropriately) wondrous artifacts."
data["Walk Without Rhythm"] = { 
  condition="Killed Siege Worm", 
  reference="A reference to the [[wikipedia:Dune_%28novel%29|Dune]] universe, where walking without rhythm is necessary in the desert in order to avoid attracting a sandworm, from which the Siege Worms are derived."
data["We Are Not Alone"] = { 
  condition="Achieve Contact Victory", 
  reference="Though the title of this achievement is often used to make reference to the potential existence of aliens, in the context of other achievement titles, it is likely a reference to the tagline of the 1977 movie ''[[wikipedia:Close Encounters of the Third Kind|Close Encounters of the Third Kind]]''."
data["What Was Once Only Imagined"] = { 
  condition="Develop a city to produce more than 100 science per turn", 
  reference=[=[The title of this achievement is a popular misquotation of a line from the William Blake work ''[[wikipedia:The Marriage of Heaven and Hell|The Marriage of Heaven and Hell]]''. The actual line is "What is now proved was once only imagin'd.".]=]
data["When Maui Came To This World"] = { 
  condition="Win game on Archipelago Map", 
  reference="This is a reference to Maori mythology."
data["Поехали! Pojexali!"] = { 
  condition="Win a game on Vostok Difficulty", 
  reference="The name of the achievement is the famous quip by [[Wikipedia: Yuri Gagarin|Yuri Gagarin]] at the takeoff of the [[Wikipedia: Vostok-1|Vostok-1]] mission, the first manned spaceflight."
data["'X' Never Marks the Spot"] = {
  condition="Collect 50 Artifacts",
  reference="A quote from ''Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'' (1989): ''\"X\" never, ever marks the spot.''",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["Ahimsa"] = {
  condition="Win the game without declaring war.",
  reference="Ahimsa a word originally from the Jain religion that roughly translates as: never harm anything",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["Best of Both Worlds"] = {
  condition="Build an ultimate hybrid unit",
  reference="Common phrase used to describe something that excels in two things, not just one.",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["Fortune and Glory"] = {
  condition="Find an Artifact",
  reference="A line from ''Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom''",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["It Belongs in a Museum"] = {
  reference="A line from ''Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade''",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["Let's Make a Deal"] = {
  condition="Make a diplomatic agreement.",
  reference="From the popular American game show: Let's make a deal!",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["Liberty Bell 7"] = {
  condition="Complete an Expedition on an aquatic crashed satellite.",
  reference="Liberty Bell 7 was a manned NASA space capsule that sunk shortly after splashdown in the Atlantic ocean in 1961.  It wasn't recovered until 1999.",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["Lingua Franca"] = {
  condition="Make 100 (or more) diplomatic capital a turn",
  reference="A lingua franca is a non-native spoken by two people for the purpose of communication, usually trading.",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["More Than Meets The Eye"] = {
  condition="Unlock a Hybrid affinity level",
  reference="The title to the Opening Song of the 1980's ''The Transformers'' cartoon",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["Neptune's Glory"] = {
  condition="Build all the aquatic wonders.",
  reference="Neptune was the Roman God of the sea.",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["Ramming Speed"] = {
  condition="Kill a unit by moving an aquatic city onto it.",
  reference="A common phrase in movies where a ship (or spaceship) purposefully crashes into another ship (or spaceship).",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["Salam"] = {
  condition="Win as Al-Falah",
  reference="Salam means peace in Arabic.",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["Shadow and Light"] = {
  condition="Win as Chungsu",
  reference="Shadow and Light is the literal translation of Yin and Yang",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["Shai-Hulud"] = {
  condition="Leash a Colossal Alien",
  reference="Referencing the Sand-Worms from Frank Herbert's ''Dune''. In the series they are called Shai-Hulud by the Fremen of the desert planet Arrakis",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["Silent Service"] = {
  condition="Kill 10 units with invisible units.",
  reference="Silent service is a 1995 submarine simulator game designed my Sid Meier and published by MicroProse.",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["Splashdown"] = {
  condition="Found an aquatic city",
  reference="Common phrase referring to a spacecraft or vehicle landing in the sea.",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["Terror From the Deep"] = {
  condition="Win without controlling any land cities.",
  reference="''X-COM: Terror from the Deep'' is a strategy video game developed and published by MicroProse in 1995 for the PC.",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["The Frontier is Everywhere"] = {
  condition="Win a game on a primoridal planet.",
  reference="A quote from Carl Sagan optimistically lamenting the shortcomings of humanity.",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["The Halls of R'lyeh"] = {
  condition="Complete all Marvel quests",
  reference="R'lyeh is a fictional lost city that first appeared in the H. P. Lovecraft short story: ''The Call of Cthulhu''",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["The Prince"] = {
  condition="Get maximum fear and respect with a rival.",
  reference="Title of a political treatise written by Niccolò Machiavelli that states an ideal ruler should be feared as equally as loved.",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["The Stuff of Legend"] = {
  condition="Complete a marvel quest",
  reference="The Stuff of Legend is a comicbook that tells the story of toys that go on a grand quest to save their owner.",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["The Voyageur"] = {
  condition="Move aquatic cities 50 times.",
  reference="The voyageurs were French Canadian indentured servants who engaged in the transporting of furs by canoe.",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["Thy Sea So Great"] = {
  condition="Win as Northern Sea Alliance",
  reference="'Oh, thy sea is so great and my boat so small' is a line from 'the' Breton Fisherman’s Prayer.",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["Willing is Not Enough"] = {
  condition="Win the game as INTEGR",
  reference="A quote from Bruce Lee.",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["Winter is Coming"] = {
  condition="Win the game on a frigid planet",
  reference="Famous Words of House Stark from George R.R. Martin's ''A Song of Ice and Fire''",
  game="Rising Tide"
data["You Have Chosen Wisely"] = {
  condition="Cash in an Artifact of each category",
  reference="A famous quote from ''Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade''.",
  game="Rising Tide"
return data

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