--[Field]                              [Type]
--Type                                 String
--Description                          String
--Civilopedia                          String
--Strategy                             String
--Help                                 String
--Requirements                         String
--MaxGlobalInstances                    Int64
--MaxTeamInstances                      Int64
--Cost                                  Int64
--PlotProject                         Boolean
--PartialImprovement                   String
--CompleteImprovement                  String
--NukeInterception                      Int64
--CultureBranchesRequired               Int64
--TechShare                             Int64
--VictoryDelayPercent                   Int64
--Spaceship                           Boolean
--Religious                           Boolean
--AllowsNukes                         Boolean
--MovieDefineTag                       String
--VictoryPrereq                        String
--TechPrereq                           String
--ProjectPrereq                        String
--OnlyAllowedByQuest                  Boolean
--EveryoneSpecialUnit                  String
--CreateSound                          String
--AnyonePrereqProject                  String
--ObsoleteProject                      String
--PortraitIndex                         Int64
--IconAtlas                            String
local data ={
Civilopedia=[=[Humanity's sociability made the void of the stars all the more awful. Despite searching from the earliest beginnings, despite a deep desire to connect with another intelligence, humanity found no equal. In the absence of actual peers humanity created a panoply of imaginary entities - reflections of their hopes and dreams. Humanity dreamed of beings from uplifting angels to the stuff of nightmares, but worse than any nightmarish alien was the prospect of being unique in the universe, of having no other intelligence with which to share the joys and the frustration of life. It was this existential loneliness that characterized the human approach to other intelligent life. Humanity could create artificial intelligence, but it was life of a different form, and not sensitive to our vagaries.
With the prospect of having found another living intelligence, humanity was torn. No longer alone, humanity was forced to confront the new Other. For many, the old predatory/prey and tribal instincts were too strong. Better to remain undetected, lest the new creatures prove to be a threat. But for a few, it represented the perfect opportunity for humanity to rouse itself and introduce itself to something else. For these few, the prospect of other souls with which to share the journey of life more than made up for the risk of annihilation; what was loneliness next to the awareness that annihilation of our species meant nothing to the uncaring stars?
The beacon itself neither taxed engineering sciences nor the technologies of the day. It had one purpose, to transmit a message that stated succinctly what species we were, and that we were open to further communication. Idealism dictated that many small steps must follow, but the initial contact must be unambiguous. To that end, only its size and the power requirements to create a signal of sufficient strength were the superlative parts of this Wonder. All else was merely another instantiation of human genius over the ages. Strife roiled around it, but the Beacon was calm and steady. Voices opposed its voice, but the Beacon drowned them out.
What must those poor, lonely souls have felt when the Beacon was first energized? Were those old instinctual fears born in the darkness of the Pleistocene still thundering in their heads? Did they feel some of the joy we have in this age, we who know our place among our fellow star-creatures? For we are no longer alone, we know the universe is full of life, and we go hand-in-hand together, which has made the journey all the easier.]=];
Help=[=[Planetary {{LinkBE|Wonder}}. Once activated and operating, this structure will trigger {{LinkBE|the Contact Victory}}.]=];
Description=[=[Exodus Gate]=];
Civilopedia=[=[An imperfect analogy: An ocean liner breaks down in the middle of the ocean. Satnav no longer works, and the crew no longer knows how to use a sextant. There are enough powered boats to send a small portion of the crew and passengers over the horizon to look for help. The boats are prepared and filled, and then sent away. What is life like for those on the broken-down liner? They have invested the best of their resources in the departed, yet there is scant hope that these few small boats can cross the ocean, find help, and return. And yet this imperfect analogy gives us a taste of what life was like for those remaining behind on Earth after the Inflection Point. Scarcity, want, strife, and perpetual waiting were the lot of those left behind.
It is little wonder that the Earthlings should quickly grow despondent. The odds of the Seeding being successful were always slim. Why should the colonists honor their mandate to rescue the Earth? Would it not be easier, more attractive, and simpler to start over from a world of plenty? Surely this was the case in some colonies, but there were just enough who remembered and honored the old promise of the Seeding, and when the time came, they were prepared to rescue the despondent, starving people of Earth.
The Exodus Gate is a marvel of applied spatial physics, first theorized on Earth, but brought to fruition by colonial scientists. Once the geography of vast distances became less tyrannical, and ways were found to keep the wormhole stable from a single end, then the work began of bringing humanity onto the new world, and stabilizing conditions on the old one. In many ways, while the Exodus Gate is a marvel of engineering, it was also a marvel of social logistics. Entire nations had to be brought forward onto the new world and settled, quickly, in refugee camps, to make room for the throngs passing through. And the people of Earth streamed through the gate, even as the other colonial powers did everything in their effort to stem the human tide.
But this was not possible, for the Gate-Openers knew and understood the fundamental power that is in all people. They were wise, and they had prepared for this day over many lifetimes. They felt it their duty and privilege and great mandate to bring the Old Earth to the New Eden. That guns were pointed against them, and that food was scarce, that was not to be accounted for. The opening of the Exodus Gate was the last pained pang of Humanity in transition to a glorious new beginning, led by those who had remembered the debt to those left behind.]=];
Help=[=[Planetary {{LinkBE|Wonder}}. Used to bring {{LinkBE|Earthling Settlers}} through a warp gate from Earth. Leads to {{LinkBE|the Promised Land Victory}}.]=];
Description=[=[Emancipation Gate]=];
Civilopedia=[=[Humanity has always distinguished itself as a species unwilling to accept the status quo, and able to affect change through creativity, work, and tools. As Earth had passed into decline, humanity's ability to survive this change had been sorely tested, and the Inflection Point had shown that a reckless, uncoordinated use of scarce resources had been catastrophic to the species. From now on, humanity must overcome all its obstacles through the coordinated use of resources and tools. Technology must overcome all obstacles, beginning with the first obstacles. Earth would be emancipated from suffering and want by the use of technology; a necessary and still deeply symbolic demonstration of the power of human supremacy over the environment. There were many who did not understand that the Emancipation was, first and foremost, initiated by a deep longing to liberate humanity from thralldom to the environment. Supremacy has always shown that there is a tool that can overcome any obstacle, alleviate any hurt, and neutralize any threat.
Construction of the Emancipation Gate was conducted in excellent time, as humans and their tools were able to build and engineer in close coordination, maximizing processes and minimizing waste and inefficiency. It was through the precision of AI guidance that the wormhole was opened on Earth over the distance of light-years, and only advanced systems could have metered the power to the wormhole to hold it stable as our envoys carried the Word of Supremacy back to Earth.
But the first contact with Earth demonstrated that there were still factions that would hold their population in bondage to old, outdated ideology and ways of thinking, and to permit this suffering to continue was unacceptable. Armies were assembled, the finest ever constructed, and sent on humanity's best military campaign, operated through telepresent surrogacy by soldiers whose coordination and power was unachievable by those unwilling to adopt their tools and methods. Though the armies of the oppressors were numerous, they were inferior. They rejected our glory, and thus were humbled by it. Region by region, Emancipation came to the people of Earth.
How quickly the fate of those on Earth has improved! They rightly view us as saviors and liberators, and we are humble and willing to share our knowledge, our tools, and our power with them. Is it not self-evident that humanity must overcome all challenges it may meet? Is our approach not merely an extension of that which our spear-wielding ancestors knew? Humanity is the tool-maker, and we change the world to suit our needs, rejecting all limits, and moving always to progress for all.]=];
Help=[=[Planetary {{LinkBE|Wonder}}. Used to send {{LinkBE|Military}} {{LinkBE|Units}} through a warp gate to Earth. Leads to {{LinkBE|the Emancipation Victory}}.]=];
Description=[=[Mind Flower]=];
Civilopedia=[=[Life will recognize life. It was easy for humanity to point to other creatures and recognize their existence. Humans were willing to anthropomorphize things that are not even alive, so eager were they to find life and celebrate it. Earth was a dying world, but the colonists made planetfall on a world that overflowed with life, strange and hostile as it may have been. In this life they began to recognize not just the mark of existence, but the hidden mark of intention and genius.
Meta-analysis of alien ecosystem behavior and behavioral paleontology projects were able to identify that the planet itself had a holistic organization that could produce intelligence. Human sciences eventually led to the creation of models that allowed an understanding of how this intelligence might function. At that point, to contact this intelligence, it was necessary to have life recognize life, through life that could think in the same scope and scale as a planet-wide megaorganism. To this end, the Mind Flower was created.
It was a strange flower indeed, and did not resemble the fruiting flowers of either world. It was instead a great Lotaxl tank (no other artificial ontological system would work on that scale), within which was the greatest mass of neural tissue ever created, dense with neurons, whose dendritic connections would have outnumbered the stars of the universe, because only life can create itself on the scale needed for such projects. Connected and embedded through this tissue were the cybernetics needed to interpret the thoughts, to scope them to something as limited as human understanding. Then the Mind Flower was exposed, slowly, to the strange architecture of the planet, shaping itself to match its rhythms and tides. Once it had mapped these, it took the intervention of human consciousness to blend the two.
Thus was the planet awakened to the presence of man, and humanity brought within the sea of understanding that this planet represented. The concepts of "I" and "Thou" and "We" no longer make sense, because it is all part of the same thought, the same dream, the same aspiration. We have fulfilled the promise that might have come to us on Earth, had it been able to sustain life in this way. The Mind Flower has blossomed, and the fruit it yielded is a planet which understands, and sees, and thinks, and reaches out, and recognizes things that the tiny "individuals" that dwelled on its surface might never have seen. Only in unification can the necessary perspective be gained. Only in the whole lives truth.]=];
Help=[=[Planetary {{LinkBE|Wonder}}. Used to awaken the planet, completing {{LinkBE|the Transcendence Victory}}.]=];
Description=[=[Transcendental Equation]=];
Civilopedia=[=[Humanity's greatest overall achievement as a species was the early recognition of the value of symbolic manipulation. However warlike, fractious, short-sighted, or prodigal we might be as a species, we can at least describe the universe with a system of numbers whose meaning is not language- or mind-dependent. But it is also an arrogance of humanity in that we assumed our mathematics were a universal system, which would be self-evident to any other mind out there.
After decoding The Signal, scientists were faced with a vexing problem: While internally consistent, The Signal's complexity was hard to describe within the framework of human mathematics. What was needed was a universal key that could translate The Signal into the mathematic framework humanity had created as a species. What's more, this key would have to be bidirectional, relatively simple to convey, and capable of processing by either class of intelligence. Work slowly began on the Transcendental Equation, as many were pessimistic that the limits of human thought and human tools would be able to adapt to something that had evolved independently. But it was eventually human scientists, working without AI help, that were able to solve the Bindel Difference (a thorny conundrum surrounding the alien conception of zero-ness) and translate it into the lemma that broke open the Transcendental Equation fully.
Thus the genius of humanity was that not only could it identify intelligence in the universe, it could also create a key which bound two kinds of minds together. As the Beacon Signal was developed, the Transcendental Equation was added to the Greeting, an offering to distant intelligences demonstrating the best creation of mankind.]=];
Help=[=[Reveals The Signal and allows the {{LinkBE|Decode Signal}} project to be constructed.]=];
Description=[=[Decode Signal]=];
Civilopedia=[=[During the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, it became obvious that simply looking for patterns would not do. The universe was full of patterns, some of which could achieve surprising sophistication through entirely non-intelligent processes. Searchers refined their standard for proof of intelligent life as consisting of a signal which conveyed some sort of information that could be verified by the receiver - some statement of common understanding which would be highly unlikely to occur through accident. That, as it turned out, was quite a task to ask of extraterrestrial life.
But there were tantalizing hints of such intelligence spread across the planet. The alien ruins we discovered left open the possibility that there was still life out waiting to discover. Increasingly sophisticated algorithms for signal detection and amplification discovered order where none was expected, and indeed where order would have been hard to predict, and within these glimpses we began to get a sense of the minds that were creating The Signal.
Most glorious of all was the simple idea that there was something else out there, and that it too might be seeking intelligence. For those minds far-sighted enough to perceive the unique opportunity this presented, it galvanized them into action, and thus began the process of finding the full signal and its meaning.]=];
Help=[=[Allows {{LinkBE|construction}} of the {{LinkBE|Beacon}}, necessary for achieving a {{LinkBE|Contact}} {{LinkBE|Victory}}.]=];
return data