--[Field]                              [Type]
--Type                                 String
--Planet                               String
--MajorMarvelLandmark                  String
--MajorMarvelSummary                   String
--MajorMarvelGameInfo                  String
--MinorMarvelImprovement               String
--LandmarkAction                       String
--LandmarkActionEffect                 String
--NumLandmarkActions                    Int64
--MinorMarvelCount                      Int64
--PlaceMinorMarvelsAtGameStart        Boolean
--AllowMinorMarvelsOnLand             Boolean
--QuestName                            String
--QuestPrologueIntroYou                String
--QuestPrologueIntroOther              String
--QuestPrologueRemainder               String
--QuestObjectiveSummary                String
--QuestFirstActionEpilogue             String
--QuestLastActionEpilogue              String
--RewardPlayerPerk                     String
--RewardEffectInitialTurns              Int64
--RewardEffectAdditionalTurns           Int64
--RewardEffectBonusPercent              Int64
--RewardYieldEffect                     Int64
--MinorMarvelPrimaryColor              String
--MinorMarvelSecondaryColor            String
--MinDistanceFromMajorMarvels           Int64
--MinDistanceFromMinorMarvels           Int64
--MinDistanceFromPlayerStarts           Int64
--MaxDistanceFromPlayerStarts           Int64
local data ={
MajorMarvelSummary=[=[This ancient alien machinery represents the grand industrial efforts of an ancient civilization. Its function remains mysterious, as does its goal...]=];
MajorMarvelGameInfo=[=[Biome: Frigid]=];
QuestName=[=[Ice and Conquest]=];
QuestPrologueIntroYou=[=[You have discovered a colossal, alien device!]=];
QuestPrologueIntroOther=[=[A colossal, alien device has been discovered on the planet's icey surface!]=];
QuestPrologueRemainder=[=[Rising high into the sky, the structure appears to be millennia old, built from materials that have withstood eons of decay. Mankind can only hope to understand the technologies in use.
A closer examination reveals that the central spire houses a massive drill, reaching far below the planet’s crust. At those depths, no metal should survive the planet’s intense heat. Radio interference at the site suggests the device may be communicating with something nearby.
There must be more alien structures on this planet.]=];
QuestObjectiveSummary=[=[Investigate Alien Structures]=];
QuestFirstActionEpilogue=[=[In the field, our colonists have discovered a second alien structure- smaller than the first, but clearly built from the same incredible materials.
An intense, radiating heat kept the team from approaching the device. Their instruments measured temperatures on its surface in the many thousands of degrees Celsius. No natural process is known to sustain these temperatures, outside of the planet’s core!
We don’t yet know their purpose, but these floating structures might serve as a radical source of energy on this planet. We should locate as many as we can.]=];
QuestLastActionEpilogue=[=[After investigating several alien structures, our scientific community has a theory about their original design: this world was not always so frigid. Whatever advanced beings built here, they did so with a clear goal: to extract boiling magma from beneath the planet’s crust.
To allow their machinery to operate at such depths, these beings installed floating structures at strategic points across the globe. Using an unknown process, they extracted heat from the planet’s core, slowing its rotation, and gradually freezing the planet.
These aliens seem to have long since left, but their immense machinery remains. After years of research, our field teams have learned to safely gather thermal energy from these hovering devices. Current yields are impressive, and scientists believe they could even improve with increased access to each device.]=];
MajorMarvelSummary=[=[This giant crater is the result of a recent meteorite collision. Though it emits dangerous levels of radiation, such impact sites might also bring valuable new elements to a planet.]=];
MajorMarvelGameInfo=[=[Biome: Primordial]=];
QuestName=[=[Deus Ex Chemia]=];
QuestPrologueIntroYou=[=[A cacophony of noise and a blinding light halts daily life across the globe: an enormous meteor has exploded in our planet’s atmosphere. Citizens of every colony watch in wonder, as the remaining pieces fall to its surface.
Although a shockwave was felt across the globe, reports of damage in the colonies have been mercifully light. Scientists are now measuring trace amounts of nitrogen in the alien atmosphere, suggesting that the meteorite may have brought an abundance of this chemical to the planet. However, our responders are recording high levels of radiation near the largest impact site, preventing further study.]=];
QuestPrologueIntroOther=[=[A cacophony of noise and a blinding light halts daily life across the globe: an enormous meteor has exploded in our planet’s atmosphere. Citizens of every colony watch in wonder, as the remaining pieces fall to its surface.
Although a shockwave was felt across the globe, reports of damage in the colonies have been mercifully light. Scientists are now measuring trace amounts of nitrogen in the alien atmosphere, suggesting that the meteorite may have brought an abundance of this chemical to the planet. However, responders from the nearest colony are recording high levels of radiation near the largest impact site, preventing further study.]=];
While this massive crater may be too dangerous to approach, our planet is now marked by dozens of smaller collisions. Nitrogen is a relatively foreign element on this planet, and our chemists are eager to measure its effects. We should explore these smaller impact sites as soon as possible.]=];
QuestObjectiveSummary=[=[Mine Meteorite Craters]=];
QuestFirstActionEpilogue=[=[At the site of a smaller meteorite crater, our field team has confirmed the discovery of pure nitrogen gas!
Experimenting on samples from this site has led to a second major discovery. Exposure to this nitrogen can momentarily convert our planet’s toxic atmosphere into a form a breathable air!
With enough of this new chemical, we could greatly reduce the survival gear needed by our colonists in the field. Workers could forgo their heavy oxygen tanks and breathing masks. Instead, small tanks of Nitrogen would be slowly emptied, to create localized, breathable air around their wearers.
We should collect as much nitrogen from these fresh impact sites as we possibly can.]=];
QuestLastActionEpilogue=[=[After mining craters from across the globe, our colony has stockpiled several years’ worth of recovered nitrogen. A new, lightweight body suit, capable of dispersing the gas around its wearer, is just beginning human trails.
A nervous control room receives its first reports from users in the field: “Command, the air out here is fine. Come try this for yourselves!”
Plans are already underway to supply this miracle gas to local citizens and businesses. Nitrogen has the potential to revolutionize our colony, ushering in a golden age of productivity. Of course, our supplies are finite. We should continue harvesting this chemical from new meteorite craters at every opportunity.]=];
MajorMarvelSummary=[=[This sprawling city represents the abandoned remains of a powerful alien race. To date, sites like these are our only glimpse into the "Progenitor's" mysterious way of life.]=];
MajorMarvelGameInfo=[=[Biome: Arid]=];
QuestName=[=[Hearts and Sand]=];
QuestPrologueIntroYou=[=[You have discovered a magnificent, alien city!]=];
QuestPrologueIntroOther=[=[Neighboring colonists have discovered a magnificent, alien city!]=];
QuestPrologueRemainder=[=[Seemingly abandoned for millennia, what still stands is testament to engineering capabilities far beyond our own.
Those first to explore the city describe a landscape of inexplicable parts: large districts are completely inaccessible, and massive skyscrapers float hundreds of feet from the ground.
It’s unlikely this was the only alien presence on this world. We should keep our eyes open for other settlements to explore.]=];
QuestObjectiveSummary=[=[Explore Alien Cities]=];
QuestFirstActionEpilogue=[=[Our colonists have discovered a second alien city! Buried in the sand, it appears to be a smaller settlement.
Intriguingly, this place shares a structure in common with its larger cousin. A massive, geodesic sphere dominates the landscape, but its purpose remains unknown. Citizens entering the dome discover what seem to be individual dwellings. We may have discovered the homes of this intriguing alien race.
This excavation is cut short however, when the field team reports hearing voices while inside the sphere. To quote one rattled explorer, “I thought I heard a man and a woman discussing their lunch. The voices were definitely human. They sounded so close..."]=];
QuestLastActionEpilogue=[=[“We can hear you!” exclaimed one scientist from the field, “There’s no question. We read you loud and clear while standing inside the dome!”
Further exploration of the abandoned, alien cities has solved the mystery of their geodesic spheres. By some bizarre, alien science, individuals standing inside the spheres can communicate telepathically with soldiers in the field.
Our scientists are studying this effect: familial bonds seem to be important. Soldiers report feeling a strong mental connection when close family is inside the spheres. Ancient inhabitants of these cities seem to have lived mostly within their walls, in constant contact with their kin.
A massive effort is now underway to relocate one of these structures in our Capital city. If our engineers can recreate this alien technology, the potential military benefits would more than justify the cost.]=];
MajorMarvelSummary=[=[These massive remains belong to the largest specimen of a long-extinct species. At their peek, these beasts were so large that only a few individuals could occupy the globe at once. A quirk of anatomy causes their tissue to decay at an extremely slow pace.]=];
MajorMarvelGameInfo=[=[Biome: Lush]=];
QuestName=[=[Strength and Decay]=];
QuestPrologueIntroYou=[=[That’s no mountain. You have discovered the remains of an enormous creature on the planet's surface!]=];
QuestPrologueIntroOther=[=[That’s no mountain. A nearby colony has discovered the remains of an enormous creature on the planet's surface!]=];
QuestPrologueRemainder=[=[Most of the remains are underground, otherwise they most likely would’ve been noticed by our orbital operations. Carbon dating has determined the remains are thousands of years old. A being this size shouldn't even exist, let alone survive intact for millennia.
Clearly we still have much to learn about this planet's ecosystem. We should be on the lookout for more ancient alien remains.]=];
QuestObjectiveSummary=[=[Biopsy Alien Remains]=];
QuestFirstActionEpilogue=[=[Our colony has discovered new alien remains! Like the first, most of this massive creature remains hidden in the earth. However, this specimen's skull is especially well preserved. Even some ancient brain tissue remains intact!
Research into this soft tissue revealed a supersized version of familiar brain anatomy: a spinal cord many meters in diameter; individual neurons you can hold in your hand.
With more samples like this, our colony could learn far more about alien anatomy than we do today. We should locate more.]=];
QuestLastActionEpilogue=[=[Our research into the alien remains is beginning to form a more complete picture of these ancient creatures. Individuals in this species were so large, it seems only a small number could occupy the planet at once. There may have only been a dozen such creatures alive at any one time!
Further study of these massive remains has led to a better understanding of alien neuroscience. Our biologists believe they have discovered an alien brain region dedicated to stress relief. We now believe we can stimulate this region, by focusing specific radio frequencies at individual aliens.
Though they're long since extinct, it's reasonable to assume these massive creatures share anatomy in common with this planet's modern day species. Our explorers have been outfitted with the needed radio equipment- perhaps this calming technique could be used as a deterrent, or as a training method in the field.]=];
MajorMarvelSummary=[=[This ancient fungus was once the largest member of a planet wide super-organism. An underground network of mycelium connected each mountain-sized specimen into a single massive being. Over centuries, these fungi were gradually covered by spores and debris. They exist now in a dormant, yet living state.]=];
MajorMarvelGameInfo=[=[Biome: Fungal]=];
QuestName=[=[Spores and Harvest]=];
QuestPrologueIntroYou=[=[You have discovered a colossal, alien fungus!]=];
QuestPrologueIntroOther=[=[Explorers from a neighboring colony have discovered a colossal, alien fungus!]=];
QuestPrologueRemainder=[=[The mountain-sized specimen is largely inaccessible, due to a treacherous landscape of surrounding rock. Hundreds of years of growth have disrupted the surrounding terrain, creating hazardous badlands and covering the fungus in airborne debris.
It’s unlikely that a species this large would live in isolation. We should study any other specimens we can find.]=];
QuestObjectiveSummary=[=[Clean Giant Fungi]=];
QuestFirstActionEpilogue=[=[An exciting report from the field: our colonists have discovered a second colossal fungus! This specimen appears to be younger than the first, and more easily accessible. The team was able to reach its base and clear away some of its debris, revealing a beautiful, bioluminescent interior.
Overnight, our field team observed an amazing transformation: Exposed once more to the air, the giant fungus has sprung back to life. Glowing brightly, it’s released millions of spores into the surrounding countryside.
Our biologists are studying these spores now, but have already requested more samples. We should continue to collect as many as we can.]=];
QuestLastActionEpilogue=[=[Research into this planet’s massive fungi has revealed a startling discovery: these mountain-sized individuals all seem to form a single super-organism, spanning the globe through a subterranean network of mycelium.
The spores these fungi produce seem to serve as a potent, alien fertilizer. Scientists revisiting these previously barren sites have discovered an explosion of growth in the surrounding countryside. Before it became dormant, this species must have played a major role in this planet’s early ecosystem.
Samples of this enriched soil have shown some astounding results in our own test, producing the largest crop yields our colony has ever seen. We should strongly consider farming the land around these marvels of nature.]=];
MajorMarvelSummary=[=[This giant, bulbous mass acts as the central brain for a planet's hydracoral population. Though not sentient, hyrdacoral can sense their location and environment on the globe. They store this information in above-water "brains", which decide where next to expand.]=];
MajorMarvelGameInfo=[=[Biome: Any
May also appear with other Marvel types.]=];
QuestName=[=[Visions in the Storm]=];
QuestPrologueIntroYou=[=[You have discovered a living monolith emerging from the ocean!]=];
QuestPrologueIntroOther=[=[Vessels from a neighboring colony have discovered a living monolith emerging from the ocean!]=];
QuestPrologueRemainder=[=[It resembles the hydracoral seen on this planet, but a bulbous protrusion stems from its armored base. Bright storms of electrical energy surge beneath its skin.
While probing its outer membrane, startled witnesses observed the nearby hydracoral shudder and twist. We don’t know how, but these giant ‘brains’ seem to be connected with the hydracoral through some form of sensory network.
We should search for more specimens to study.]=];
QuestObjectiveSummary=[=[Study Hydracoral Brains]=];
QuestFirstActionEpilogue=[=[A second hydracoral brain has been found! Comparing its electrical activity to the first site reveals that both specimens are mysteriously in sync. These electrical ‘storms’, once assumed to be random, seem to occur in both specimens at the same time.
We knew these beings were related to hydracoral, but they now appear to communicate with each other. Further study is certainly required.]=];
QuestLastActionEpilogue=[=[A scientific breakthrough has revealed the inner workings of these massive, hydracoral brains. With enough specimens now studied, it’s clear that all hydracoral on this planet form a single, interconnected organism. These ‘brains’ seem to regulate the growth of new hydracoral, tracking their individual locations across the globe.
Our colony’s scientists are excited to report that they can now decipher this code! Equipment installed at several ‘brain’ sites can detect incoming activity, and access the sensory networks of adult hydracoral. May this new awareness guide our exploration of this bizarre planet.]=];
return data