--[Field]                              [Type]
--Type                                 String
--Description                          String
--Civilopedia                          String
--ToolTip                              String
--PortraitIndex                         Int64
--IconAtlas                            String
--File                                 String
local data ={
Civilopedia=[=[The feeling that every inch of this planet is alive is not an illusion. The wildlife of this planet is abundant, both on the micro and macro scale. This appears to be because of how conducive the atmosphere on the planet is to supporting plant life. The abundance of food sources allows creatures to survive with relative ease. This means that the inter-special competition is relatively low, and results in a large quantity of fauna. It also, however, has resulted in weak natural selection, which can be counted as both a blessing and a curse.]=];
ToolTip=[=[A fertile, temperate landscape teeming with varied and abundant lifeforms.]=];
Civilopedia=[=[A humid world teeming with vivid and massive fungi, Fungal worlds are nevertheless truly strange. Instead of wildlife subsisting on plants and grasses, they seem to rely upon molds and mushrooms. Large mushrooms the size of trees compose fungal forests, and chitin and yeasts coat the terrain, giving it an curious periwinkle hue. The air is often teeming with spores released by these massive immobile toadstools, and in the warmer seasons can become a visibility problem. The wildlife can be seen hiding under broad caps to escape the rain or using the large bacterial colonies found in the grasslands as symbiotic partners. For this reason, on Fungal worlds Aliens are often found to heal more quickly than on other worlds, and they will often linger closer to areas with this boosted Miasma to further strengthen themselves.]=];
ToolTip=[=[A dim, damp world of giant fungi and strange, delicate lifeforms.]=];
Civilopedia=[=[A dry, hot world with little sources of life sustenance and barren landmasses make Arid worlds difficult locations to live. Rolling dunes and vast canyons mark the landscape, with occasional oceans providing the only sources of water. The grasses and plant matter are often yellowed and dried, bleached by their sun and starved for nourishment. Sandy deserts and dry climates make for a rougher and tougher source of wildlife, and the Aliens found inhabiting these worlds are few and far between, but those that are to be found are not to be trifled with. Raised in a tough climate and taking survival of the fittest to the maximum, these creatures have bred to be stronger and hardier than any other known extraterrestrial creatures.]=];
ToolTip=[=[A bright world of scorching heat and scarce, hardy lifeforms.]=];
Civilopedia=[=[The unpredictable, dangerous nature of this volcanic world has led to the evolution of keen senses and instincts in the native wildlife. If it were not for their careful nature, these animals would seem almost impulsive. Their reactive nature clearly stems from an evolutionary need to rely on instinctual knowledge. The difficulty of natural survival has also led the creatures to rely on each other for survival, reaching a level of intra-special dependence so strong that it is almost not comparable to the examples of symbiosis found on earth. This means that knowledge of danger is quickly shared among the creatures of the planet, and creates the illusion of a hive mind among the inhabitants.]=];
ToolTip=[=[A young world of rough, volcanic terrain and vibrant but primitive lifeforms.]=];
Civilopedia=[=[Chilled to the core, these freezing planets are prepared to test the constitution of any that decide to make Frigid worlds their home. With oceans hovering just above freezing temperatures, deserts composed of sheets of almost pure dark ice, and grasslands perpetually covered in a thick layer of frost, survival is a task easier said than done. It would appear, however, that the local lifeforms are not without adaptations to the cold as well. The cold slows their biological processes and hinders their movement, but their bitterness and hostility is only exacerbated. Beware any that settle on these icy wastelands, for the climate and local populace alike will grant no mercy.]=];
ToolTip=[=[An ancient world covered with icy glaciers and furtive but powerful lifeforms.]=];
return data