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local data = {}
data["Adam Smith"] = {
        type = "Trade",
	notes = [=[Adam Smith allows factory level buildings to be built in the colonies. Factories allow the production of 1 and 1/2 units of manufactured goods for each unit of raw materials.]=]}
data["Bartolome de las Casas"] = {
        type = "Religious",
	notes = [=[With Las Casas, all currently existing [[Indian Converts (Col)|Indian Converts]] are assimilated into the colonies as [[Free Colonists (Col)|Free Colonists]].]=]}
data["Benjamin Franklin"] = {
        type = "Political",
	notes = [=[The King's European Wars have no further effect on the relations between the [[:category:Civilizations (Col)|powers]] in the New World, and Europeans in the New World always offer peace in negotiations.]=]}
data["Father Jean de Brebeuf"] = {
        type = "Religious",
	notes = [=[With de Brebeuf in the Congress, all [[Missionaries (Col)|missionaries]] function as experts.]=]}
data["Ferdinand Magellan"] = {
        type = "Exploration",
	notes = [=[With Magellan in the Congress, the movement allowance of all naval vessels is increased by one, and the time to sail from the west map edge to Europe is shortened considerably.]=]}
data["Francis Drake"] = {
        type = "Military",
	notes = [=[When Drake joins the Congress, the combat strengths of all your [[Privateer (Col)|Privateers]] are increased by 50%.]=]}
data["Francisco de Coronado"] = {
        type = "Exploration",
	notes = [=[When he joins the Congress, all existing colonies and the area around them become visible on the map.]=]}
data["George Washington"] = {
        type = "Military",
	notes = [=[Once Washington joins the Continental Congress, every non-veteran soldier or dragoon who wins a combat is automatically upgraded.]=]}
data["Henry Hudson"] = {
        type = "Exploration",
	notes = [=[Hudson increases the output of all [[Expert Fur Trappers (Col)|Fur trappers]] by 100%.]=]}
data["Hernan Cortes"] = {
        type = "Military",
	notes = [=[When Cortes joins your Congress, conquered native settlements always yield [[Treasure (Col)|Treasure]], in greater abundance, and the king's galleons transport the treasure free of charge.]=]}
data["Hernando de Soto"] = {
        type = "Exploration",
	notes = [=[With De Soto, results of exploring [[LCR|Lost City Rumors]] are always positive, and all units have an extended sighting radius.]=]}
data["Jakob Fugger"] = {
        type = "Trade",
	notes = [=[When Fugger joins the Congress, all [[Boycott (Col)|boycotts]] currently in effect are forgiven, without back taxes. Trade in these goods may be resumed at no cost.]=]}
data["Jan de Witt"] = {
        type = "Trade",
	notes = [=[When de Witt joins your Congress, trade with foreign colonies is allowed. In addition, your Foreign Affairs report becomes more revealing.]=]}
data["John Paul Jones"] = {
        type = "Military",
	notes = [=[When Jones enters the Congress, a [[Frigate (Col)|Frigate]] is added to your colonial navy, without cost.]=]}
data["Juan de Sepulveda"] = {
        type = "Religious",
	notes = [=[His presence in the Congress increases the chance that subjugated [[Indians (Col)|Indians]] will "[[Indian Converts (Col)|convert]]" and join a colony.]=]}
data["Paul Revere"] = {
        type = "Military",
	notes = [=[When a colony with no standing soldiers is attacked, a colonist automatically takes up any stockpiled muskets in defense of the colony.]=]}
data["Peter Minuit"] = {
        type = "Trade",
	notes = [=[Once Peter Minuit joins the Continental Congress, the Indians no longer demand payment for their land.]=]}
data["Peter Stuyvesant"] = {
        type = "Trade",
	notes = [=[Peter Stuyvesant allows construction of the [[Custom house (Col)|Custom house]] in your colonies which can streamline trade with Europe and allows European trade during the Revolution.]=]}
data["Pocahontas"] = {
        type = "Political",
	notes = [=[When Pocahontas joins the Congress, all tension levels between you and the natives are reduced to content, and all [[Indians (Col)|Indian]] alarm is generated half as fast.]=]}
data["Sieur de La Salle"] = {
        type = "Exploration",
	notes = [=[La Salle gives all existing and future colonies a [[Stockade (Col)|Stockade]] when the population of the colony reaches 3.]=]}
data["Simon Bolivar"] = {
        type = "Political",
	notes = [=[When Bolivar is in the Congress, Sons of Liberty membership in all your colonies is increased by 20%.]=]}
data["Thomas Jefferson"] = {
        type = "Political",
	notes = [=[Jefferson's presence in the Congress increases [[Liberty bell]] production of statesmen by 50%.]=]}
data["Thomas Paine"] = {
        type = "Political",
	notes = [=[When Paine enters the Continental Congress, [[Liberty bell]] production in all colonies is increased by value of the current tax rate.]=]}
data["William Brewster"] = {
        type = "Religious",
	notes = [=[With Brewster in the Congress, no more [[Petty Criminals (Col)|criminals]] or [[Indentured Servants (Col)|servants]] appear on the docks, and  you select which immigrant in the Recruitment Pool will move to the docks.]=]}
data["William Penn"] = {
        type = "Religious",
	notes = [=[With Penn, [[Crosses (Col)|cross]] production in all colonies is increased by 50%.]=]}
return data