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local data = {}
data["Cloth"] = {
        madefrom = "Cotton",
	notes = [=[Any colonist working as a weaver can convert cotton into cloth.]=]}
data["Cigars"] = {
        madefrom = "Tobacco",
	notes = [=[Any colonist working as a tobacconist can convert tobacco into cigars.]=]}
data["Coats"] = {
        madefrom = "Furs",
	notes = [=[Any colonist working as a fur trader can convert fur into coats.]=]}
data["Cotton"] = {
        madeinto = "Cloth",
	notes = [=[Cotton grows most abundantly in [[Prairie (Col)|Prairie]], especially in [[Prime cotton (Col)|Prime cotton]] land.]=]}
data["Food"] = {
	notes = [=[Each colonist working inside a colony eats 2 food every turn.]=]}
data["Furs"] = {
        madeinto = "Coats",
	notes = [=[Fur is found most abundantly in all [[forest (Col)|forested]] areas, but especially in colder terrains where there is [[Beaver (Col)|Beaver]].]=]}
data["Hammer"] = {
        madefrom = "Lumber",
	notes = [=[Any colonist working as a carpenter can make hammers from lumber. This particular good cannot be transported as cargo, and therefore cannot be sold either.]=]}
data["Horses"] = {
	notes = [=[Horses can be obtained only in Europe, but once brought over, they may be bred. If you have two or more horses in a colony and extra food stored in your warehouse, your colony will produce more horses. If you construct a [[Stable (Col)|Stable]], your horses will breed twice as fast.]=]}
data["Lumber"] = {
        madeinto = "Hammer",
	notes = [=[Woodland of all sorts is good for wood cutting, and roads in forests and [[Prime timber (Col)|Prime timber]] increase lumber production.]=]}
data["Muskets"] = {
        madefrom = "Tools",
	notes = [=[Muskets may be purchased in Europe or manufactured at an armory, magazine, or arsenal. Any colonist working as a gunsmith can convert tools into muskets.]=]}
data["Ore"] = {
        madeinto = "Tools",
	notes = [=[Ore is found in hills, mountains, and swamps.]=]}
data["Rum"] = {
        madefrom = "Sugar",
	notes = [=[Any colonist working as a distiller can convert sugar into rum.]=]}
data["Silver"] = {
	notes = [=[Silver is found in [[mountains (Col)|mountains]], but these abundant sources will soon run dry if mined.]=]}
data["Sugar"] = {
        madeinto = "Rum",
	notes = [=[Sugar grows most abundantly in [[Savannah (Col)|Savannah]], especially in [[Prime sugar (Col)|Prime sugar]] Land.]=]}
data["Tobacco"] = {
        madeinto = "Cigars",
	notes = [=[Tobacco grows most abundantly in [[Grassland (Col)|Grassland]], especially in [[Prime tobacco (Col)|Prime tobacco]] Land.]=]}
data["Tools"] = {
        madefrom = "Ore",
        madeinto = "Muskets",
	notes = [=[Tools may be bought in Europe or manufactured by blacksmiths, who convert ore into tools.]=]}
data["Trade goods"] = {
	notes = [=[Trade goods can be obtained only in [[Europe]] or from other European settlements. These represent manufactured goods such as small tools, jewelry, and clothing, which the Indians may want to trade for. Most native [[Indians (Col)|tribes]] will gladly take trade goods, at least at first.]=]}
return data

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