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local data = {}
data["Apache"] = {
        trait = "Semi-Nomadic",
	skills1 = {"Master Cotton Planters","Expert Farmers"},
	skills2 = {"Master Sugar Planters","Master Tobacco Planters"}}
data["Arawak"] = {
        trait = "Agrarian",
	skills1 = {"Master Sugar Planters","Expert Fishermen"}}
data["Aztec"] = {
        trait = "Civilized",
	skills1 = {"Expert Silver Miners","Expert Farmers","Expert Fishermen"},
	skills2 = {"Master Sugar Planters","Expert Ore Miners"}}
data["Cherokee"] = {
        trait = "Agrarian",
	skills1 = {"Master Cotton Planters","Expert Ore Miners","Scouts","Expert Fishermen"},
	skills2 = {"Master Tobacco Planters","Expert Farmers","Master Fur Traders"}}
data["Incan"] = {
        trait = "Civilized",
	skills1 = {"Expert Silver Miners","Expert Ore Miners","Expert Farmers","Expert Fishermen"},
	skills2 = {"Master Weavers"}}
data["Iroquois"] = {
        trait = "Agrarian",
	skills1 = {"Expert Fur Trappers","Expert Farmers","Scouts"},
	skills2 = {"Master Cotton Planters","Master Tobacco Planters","Expert Fishermen","Expert Ore Miners"}}
data["Sioux"] = {
        trait = "Semi-Nomadic",
	skills1 = {"Master Tobacco Planters","Expert Fur Trappers","Scouts"},
	skills2 = {"Expert Farmers"}}
data["Tupi"] = {
        trait = "Semi-Nomadic",
	skills1 = {"Master Sugar Planters","Scouts","Master Cotton Planters"},
	skills2 = {"Expert Fur Trappers","Master Tobacco Planters"}}
return data

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