--[Field]                              [Type]
--Type                                 String
--TypeNumber                           Number
--Description                          String
--Quote                                String
--Civilopedia                          String
--Prerequisites                        String
--BaseFacilities                       String
--Technologies                         String
--ChassisTypes                         String
--ChassisNumber                        Number
--SecretProjects                       String
--SpecialAbilities                     String
--SocioEconomicModel                   String
--UnitType                             String
--Citizens                             String
--Weapons                              String
--WeaponsNumber                        Number
--Defenses                             String
--DefensesNumber                       Number
--Reactors                             String
--ReactorsNumber                       Number
--Misc                                 String
local data ={
Description=[=[Adv. Ecological Engineering]=];
Quote=[=[You are the children of a dead planet, earthdeirdre, and this death we do not comprehend. We shall take you in, but mat as ask this question--will we too catch the planetdeath disease?
-- Lady Deirdre Skye,
"Conversations with Planet"]=];
Technologies=[=[Centauri Psi]=];
SpecialAbilities=[=[Super Former]=];
Prerequisites={"Superconductor"; "Fusion Power"; "Environmental Economics";};};
Description=[=[Applied Physics]=];
Quote=[=[Scientific theories are judged by the coherence they lend to our natural experience and the simplicity with which they do so. The grand principle of the heavens balances on the razor's edge of truth.
-- Commissioner Pravin Lal,
"A History of Science"]=];
Civilopedia=[=[The colonists must create new tools from the wreckage of the ''Unity'' to survive and expand. Early inquiries into '''Applied Physics''' emphasize this adaptation of existing technology for the new environment.]=];
SpecialAbilities=[=[Super Former]=];
Technologies={"Nonlinear Mathematics"; "High Energy Chemistry"; "Optical Computers";};};
Quote=[=[We hold life to be sacred, but we also know the foundation of life consists in a stream of codes not so different from the successive frames of a watchvid. Why then cannot we cut one code short here, and start another there? Is life so fragile that it can withstand no tampering? Does the sacred brook no improvement?
-- Chairman Sheng-ji Yang,
"Dynamics of Mind"]=];
Civilopedia=[=[The alien environment on Planet brought a host of unforseen health problems for the colonists. Early inquiries into '''Biogenetics''' center on the prevention and treatment of these problems. Researchers in this discipline seek an understanding of the entire genetic code.]=];
SecretProjects=[=[The Human Genome Project]=];
BaseFacilities=[=[Recycling Tanks]=];
Technologies={"Secrets of the Human Brain"; "Gene Splicing";};};
Description=[=[Doctrine: Flexibility]=];
Quote=[=[He held his arm too stiffly, and was thorn back repeatedly, until at least I seized his forearm and snapped it back against itself. His training suffered while the arm healed, of course, but I felt that this was a less on he must learn early, and well.
-- Spartan Kel,
"Honing the Ki"]=];
Civilopedia=[=[Many radical young miltary officers felt that ''Doctrine: Mobility (E1)'' did not go far enough in the development of fast attacks and quick reconnaissance, because Mobility only takes land forces into account. These leaders work to create the first navies on Planet, based on '''Doctrine Flexibility'''--co-ordination and co-operation between forces made possible by control of the sea.]=];
Weapon=[=[Troop Transport]=];
UnitType=[=[Transport Foil]=];
BaseFacilities=[=[Pressure Dome]=];
Technologies={"Advanced Military Algorithms"; "Doctrine: Initiative"; "Doctrine: Air Power";};};
Description=[=[Doctrine: Mobility]=];
Quote=[=[Once a man has changed the relationship between himself and his environment, he cannot return to the blissful ignorance he left. Motion, of necessity, involves a change in perspective.
-- Commissioner Pravin Lal,
"A Social History of Planet"]=];
Civilopedia=[=[The early colonists quickly learned the importance of reconnaissance and self-defense in this most alien of environments. '''Doctrine: Mobility''' formalizes these cornerstones of military might, representing the first attempts at an organized defense policy on Planet.]=];
BaseFacilities=[=[Command Center]=];
Technologies={"Doctrine: Flexibility"; "Doctrine: Loyalty";};};
Description=[=[Industrial Base]=];
Quote=[=[Resources exist to be consumed, and consumed they will be, if not by this generation then by some future. By what right does this forgotten future seek to deny us our birthright? None I say! Let us take what is ours, chew and eat our fill.
-- CEO Nwabudike Morgan,
"The Ethics of Greed"]=];
Defenses=[=[Synthmetal Armor]=];
SecretProjects=[=[The Merchant Exchange]=];
Technologies={"Superconductor"; "Polymorphic Software"; "Industrial Economics";};};
Description=[=[Information Networks]=];
Quote=[=[The righteous need now cower before the dumbeat of human progress. Though the song of yesterday fades into the challenge of tomorrow, God still watches and judges us. Evil lurks in the datalinks as it lurked in the streets of yesteryear. But it was never the streets that were evil.
-- Sister Miriam Godwinson,
"The Blessed Struggle"]=];
Civilopedia=[=[Survival equipment from the ''Unity'' contained a variety of computers purpose-built for the needs of a frontier society. However, they must first be connected into '''Information Networks''' before scientists can utilize their power.]=];
BaseFacilities=[=[Network Node]=];
Technologies={"Nonlinear Mathematics"; "Polymorphic Software"; "Planetary Networks";};};
Description=[=[Planetary Networks]=];
Quote=[=[If our society seems more nihilistic than that of previous eras, perhaps this is simply a sign of our maturity as a sentient species. As our collective consciousness expands beyond a crucial point, we are at least ready to accept life's fundamental truth; that life's only purpose is life itself.
-- Chairman Sheng-ji Yang,
"Looking God in the Eye"]=];
Civilopedia=[=[Once the colonists discovered how to survive, they focus on recreating some of the organizational tools left behind on Earth. Following the implementation of simple ''Information Networks (D1)'', the creation of a standard for '''Planetary Networks''' emerges as a high priority for the scientific community.]=];
BaseFacilities=[=[Hologram Theatre]=];
SecretProjects=[=[The Virtual World]=];
Weapons=[=[Probe Team]=];
Technologies={"Industrial Automation"; "Cyberethics";};};
Description=[=[Secrets of the Human Brain]=];
Quote=[=[There are onlytwo ways in which we can account for a necessary agreement of experience with the concepts of its objects: either experience makes these concepts possible of these concepts make experience possible.
-- Immanuel Kant,
"Critique of Pure Reason", Datalinks]=];
SpecialAbilities=[=[Hypnotic Trance]=];
Misc=[=[Secrets: First faction to discover gains free tech.]=];
Technologies={"Neural Grafting"; "Centauri Empathy";};};
Description=[=[Social Psych]=];
Quote=[=[If you can discover a better way of life than office-holding for your future rulers, a well-governed city becomes a possibility. For only in such a state will those rule who are truly rich, not in gold, but in the wealth that makes happiness--a good and wise life.
-- Plato,
"The Republic", Datalinks]=];
Civilopedia=[=[The overcrowding aboard the ''Unity'' following the premature wakeup caused terrible conditions for the crew, but also generated valuable data concerning humans under extreme environmental stresses. Analysis of this data provides the first comprehensive, mathematical insight into the '''Social Psychology''' of humans.]=];
BaseFacilities=[=[Recreation Commons]=];
Technologies={"Doctrine: Loyalty"; "Ethical Calculus"; "Secrets of the Human Brain";};};
return data