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Mohandas Gandhi (1869-1948) is the leader of the Indian civilization in Sid Meier's Civilization.

Normal Militarism

Total Threat Level: 1

Musical Theme Inspiration: Gautama Ponders (original composition)

Traits and GameplayEdit

Gandhi is not very Expansionist unless first attacked by an opponent. Gandhi is more likely to demand tribute and, if refused, use that as an excuse to go to war rather than attack without provocation. He also has a Scientific trait which means he's somewhat likely to go to war if you refuse his demands for technology.

There is a bug which causes Gandhi's aggression to go to the maximum number of 255. When a player chooses Democracy as its government, it reduces other countries' aggression by 2; however, since Gandhi has 1 point of aggression, and subtracting 2 from 1 yields an invalid (negative) value, it immediately rolls over to 255.

Mahatma Karamachand GandhiEdit

Gandhi (Civ1)

Mohandas Gandhi in the SNES game.

The father of Indian independence, he was a skilled politician and spiritual leader. His campaign of passive resistance wore down the British and after World War II he was an important part of the independence negotiations. He worked tirelessly for an end to the caste system in India and for peaceful co-existence between the two great religious groups of the nation, the Hindus and the Muslims. He was fatally shot by a Hindu fanatic while on a prayer vigil for peace. The Indians under Gandhi are not aggressively expansive and are more likely to develop the areas they can obtain peaceably. However, they are conscious of technology and can be a strong rival in a space race.


Gandhi is known as The Founding Father of Modern India. For all of the thousands of years of Recorded history what is now India had never been fully united into a nation, state or civilization until the British empire did so by the year 1850. After several decades of British rule Gandhi rallied his people into a civil disobedience with many peaceful protests until the British gave up India. It is unclear if the British would have been able to continue ruling India much longer even if Gandhi did not exist. For instance the United Nations had put in guidelines about decolonization to come about after World War II was over. But regardless Gandhi is regarded as the man that helped give India its independence.