Moksha (Cardinal) (Civ6)
Moksha Titles (Civ6)

Moksha's titles

Moksha, otherwise known as The Cardinal, is one of the Governors introduced in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. He starts with the title of Bishop and can acquire the following additional titles:

Citadel of God
City ignores pressure and combat effects from Religions not founded by the Governor's player.
Divine Architect
+20% Civ6Production Production toward Holy Site buildings in the city.
Grand Inquisitor
+10 ReligiousStrength6 Religious Strength in theological combat in tiles of this city.
Laying On Of Hands
Governor's religious units heal fully in one turn in tiles of this city.
Patron Saint
Apostles trained in the city receive one extra promotion.


Spiritual and Religious leader that can increase the ReligiousStrength6 Religious Strength of a city, and the Religious units stationed there. Moksha is a beacon of Civ6Faith Faith in your empire.

Moksha is a purely Religious-focused Governor. His bonuses are hard to justify picking up over any other Governor unless you are trying to win a Religious Victory though. However, even if you are trying to win a Religious Victory, he is not particularly powerful.

Divine Architect is one of his better promotions, although the fact that worship buildings can be bought with Civ6Faith Faith somewhat makes this promotion less desirable.

Grand Inquisitor only buffs your units within the tiles of your city, although this can be useful if you intentionally let the city Moksha is established in fall to another religion so that you have the chance to declare Holy Wars, then crush the enemy religious units with an army of Apostles, allowing Moksha's starting title, Bishop, which increases religious pressure by 100%, to shine.

Citadel of God is quite useful if you are trying to win a Culture Victory: pick Reliquaries as a Follower Belief and Monastic Isolation as an Enhancer Belief the second you get your Religion. Make every attempt to build the Mont St. Michel wonder, as most other civilizations won't be trying to build it unless they too are also trying to win a Religious/Cultural Victory, or if you are lucky enough to be the Suzerain of Yerevan, choose the Martyr promotion for your Apostles every time. Then, simply purchase Apostles only and send them off to other civilizations without trying to convert any cities. They will be killed by enemy Religious units and you will have a great amount of Relics granting even more Civ6Faith Faith and Tourism6 Tourism. If you are playing as the Khmer, even better. Your Missionaries automatically gain the Martyr promotion as long as they were trained in a Holy Site with a Prasat, making their deaths that much cheaper. In any case, if they don't kill your units, just convert the cities.

Laying On Of Hands can make one of your cities a Religious wall. With a standing army of Apostles, the city Moksha is established in will almost never fall due to the healing effect. If the enemy religion does not have Monastic Isolation as an Enhancer Belief, their closest cities will be sure to fall to your Religion from their units continually dying.

Patron Saint is the only promotion that really affects how powerful your Religious units can be, giving your Apostles a second chance at a powerful offensive promotion such as Debater, Proselytizer, Translator or Orator.

Civilopedia entryEdit

A Cardinal is one of the highest ranks of priest in the Roman Catholic Church, although similar ecclesiastical ranks exist in many other religions, such as certain Metropolitans of Orthodox Churches or the Lama in Vajrayana Buddhism. The office may entail oversight of large portions of property or large groups responsible for important aspects of the faith.