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Mombasa is a maritime city-state in Civilization V. Maritime city-states give food to your cities when you befriend or ally with them.

Game InfoEdit

Musical Theme Inspiration: ?

Architecture: Middle Eastern

Civilopedia entryEdit

Although the founding of Mombasa is shrouded in conflicting historical records, it is believed the city, now the second largest in Kenya, was settled sometime around the 10th century AD. By the Middle Ages, Mombasa had grown into a flourishing city with an economy primarily based on the export of Ivory. Mombasa was also known for its vast network of plantations producing coconuts, cashews, and millet, which were then shipped out along the trade routes crossing the Indian Ocean. Mombasa's port, known as the Kilindini Harbor, is the only international seaport in Kenya, which has allowed the city to become a major center of commerce and trade for the entire nation. In the present day, Mombasa's largest exports continue to be agricultural in nature, particularly coffee, tea, and grain.