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Mongols are a civ appearing first in Civ1, where they share the gray color with the Indians.

Mongol hordes (notably under Genghis Khan) ravaged Europe from bases in central Asia. They eventually got beaten back to the eastern extremity of their former territory, a smallish area north of China, which got the name "Mongolia" applied by English explorers and/or mapmakers and has now stuck.

Whereas Civ1, Civ2, C-evo, Freeciv, and possibly Civ3 use "Mongol", Civ4 and Civ5 and CivRev apparently have Mongolians, which is probably logical if there are nations such as Uzbeks and Kazakhs and Tajiks and Georgians in the game occupying what used to be Mongol territory in the broad sense.

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Main article: Mongol (Civ1)


Leader: Genghis Khan

Capital: Samarkand

They appear just east of the Caspian Sea, a long way from Mongolia but within the territory they eventually ruled.

Civilization II

The main article has not been created for (or Mongol is not part of) Civilization II


Leaders: Genghis Khan (male), Bortei (female)

Capital: Karakorum

Civilization III

Main article: Mongol (Civ3)


Leader: Temujin

Capital: Karakorum

Special Unit: Keshik

Starting Advances: Warrior Code, Masonry

Qualities: Militaristic, Expansionist

Civilization IV

Main article: Mongol (Civ4)

Civilization V

Main article: Mongol (Civ5)

Civilization Revolution

The main article has not been created for (or Mongol is not part of) Civilization Revolution

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Leader: Genghis Khan

Emblem: Soyombo Symbol

Capital: Karakorum

Special Units: Keshik Horsemen

Leader: Genghis Khan

  • Capital: Karakorum
  • Leader: Genghis Khan
  • Color: Tan
  • Begin the game with +50% trade from captured cities
  • Medieval :+1 cavalry movement
  • Industrial: +2 production from Mountains
  • Modern: Knowledge of Communism

Special characteristic: Barbarian villages captured turn into pop. 1 cities instead of gold/galleys, etc. (Friendly villages do not, they are the same as for any other Civilization.) This can be very helpful late in the game if the mongols discover Space flight first, as any remaining Barbarian villages can be turned into staging areas for invasions.

Other games

Mongol is not present in (or the article has not been created for) the following games :

Game Article
Civilization: Beyond Earth Mongol (CivBE)
Civilization Revolution 2 Mongol (CivRev2)
Freeciv Mongol (Freeciv)
Civilization: Call to Power Mongol (CTP1)
Call to Power II Mongol (CTP2)
C-evo Mongol (C-evo)
Civilization IV: Colonization Mongol (Civ4Col)
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri‎ Mongol (SMAC)

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Genghis Khan

After uniting the Mongol tribes, he conquered the Chin Empire of northern China by 1215. For the next nine years his armies moved westward, overrunning all in their path and reaching well into eastern Europe. The Mongol hordes were armies of mounted bowmen who were outstanding riders and marksmen. Their recurved bow design was technologically ahead of Western weapons, being both compact and powerful. From his capital at Karakorum, south of Lake Baikal, the Great Khan presided over one of the largest land empires of history. In Civilization, the Mongols can be expected to expand very aggressively at the expense of the development of individual cities.




Total Threat Level: 6

Mongol(ian) cities

(This should have a separate page, where the listings for different games can be specified)


2. Bokhara

3. Nishapur

4. Karakorum

5. Kashgar

6. Tabriz

7. Aleppo

8. Kabul

9. Ormuz

10. Basra

11. Khanbalyk

12. Khorasan

13. Shangtu

14. Kazan

15. Quinsay

16. Kerman

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