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Genghis Khan (Civ1)

Genghis Khan in the SNES version.

The Mongols are a playable civilization, led by Genghis Khan. The Mongols were a powerful civilization on the Earth Scenario for the game having conquered much of the super continent of Eurasia except for the Japanese, German, and Egyptian civilizations or even the Proto-English Civilization that was developing in the 1300s.

Mongol CitiesEdit

1. Samarkand

2. Bokhara

3. Nishapur

4. Karakorum

5. Kashgar

6. Tabriz

7. Aleppo

8. Kabul

9. Ormuz

10. Basra

11. Khanbaryk

12. Khorasan

13. Shangtu

14. Kazan

15. Qyinsay

16. Kerman

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