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Genghis Khan, Mongolia's Representative

From Start +50% Trade from captured cities
Ancient Age Barbarian villages become cities
Medieval Age +1 Cavalry unit
Industrial Age +2 production from mountain squares
Modern Age Knowledge of Communism
Unique Units Keshik

The Mongolian people (or Mongols) represent a civilization in Civilization Revolution.


  • Leader: Genghis Khan
  • Capital: Karakorum
  • Color: Maroon/Blood red
  • Emblem: Soyombo on modern Mongolian flag

Era BonusesEdit

The Mongols begin the game with +50% trade from captured cities.

Ancient: Defeated Barbarian villages become your cities

Medieval: +1 cavalry movement

Industrial: +2 production from mountains

Modern: Knowledge of Communism


Thanks to the Mongols' special characteristic, Barbarian villages they capture turn into cities with a population of 1 instead of gold or units. (Friendly villages do not change; they are the same as for any other civilization.) This can be very helpful late in the game if the Mongols discover Space Flight first, as any remaining Barbarian villages can be turned into staging areas for invasions, but is most helpful in the early-game. Mongolian cities can sprawl across the entire map, nearly eliminating the need to build Settlers, except to settle key locations. Mongolia, therefore, will have many more cities than anyone else, but because the new cities are placed where the Barbarian camp was, they will tend to be slightly worse than average. Regardless, the Mongols can use this in conjunction with their other abilities to achieve most victory conditions.

  • Domination: Use the sheer number of cities they have to build an incredibly large military to overwhelm the opposing cities.
  • Technological/Economic: Use the cities to focus on science/gold. One city should focus on science regardless, as usual with Economic.
  • Cultural: Found your capital with larger production than normal, with less trade and food, and use it to build wonders and use other cities to compensate.

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