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"The circle was probably the focus of their ceremonial life ... and part of the reason people came here from miles away."
–Robert Riordan
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Game InfoEdit

World wonder in the Conquest of the New World Deluxe scenario of Civilization V. May only be constructed by Native Americans in a city on or next to grassland.

  • +7 20xfaith5 Faith.
  • Provides an additional Trade Route slot and a free Caravan in the city.
  • Destroyed if the city is conquered.


The Native American tribe that builds the Moorehead Circle wonder will be rewarded with a significant increase in 20xfaith5 Faith generation and an early boost to its economy. Since religion is so useful to the Native Americans in this scenario, it is advisable for them to try to build the Moorehead Circle as soon as possible after settling a city in which it can be built.

Civilopedia entryEdit

Discovered in 2005 AD in southwest Ohio, the Moorehead Circle - a "woodhenge" - was constructed about 2000 years ago, between 40 BC and 130 AD, likely by one of the tribes in the Hopewell culture. Consisting of three concentric rings of wooden posts, estimated up to 15 feet tall each, some 200 in the outer ring that was about 200 feet in diameter, the Moorehead Circle was likely used for ceremonial purposes, though the specifics are unknown. Recently, a central altar filled with red earth with a 40-by-50 foot rectangular structure adjacent has been uncovered.