CEO Nwabudike Morgan
Nwabudike Morgan (SMAC)
Leader of the Morgans
Morgan Industries (SMAC)
Name Nwabudike Morgan
Rank Director
Position Morgan Industries
Country of Origin Namibia
DOB 02-24-2005
Height not on file
Weight not on file
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Led by CEO Nwabudike Morgan.

Faction CharacteristicsEdit

  • +1 Economy (industrial conglomerate)
  • -1 Support (followers have expensive tastes)

Commerce (bonus increases value of treaties, pacts, loans) Begins with 100 extra energy credits. Need Hab Complexes for bases to exceed size4 (creature comforts at a premium). May not use Planned Economics.

  • Aggression Pacifist
  • Priorities Build
  • Starting Tech Industrial Base
  • Agenda Free Market (Economics)
  • Aversion Planned (Economics)

Leader's defining quoteEdit

"Human behavior is economic behavior. The particulars may vary, but competition for limited resources remains a constant. Need as well as greed have followed us to the stars, and the rewards of wealth still await those wise enough to recognize this deep thrumming of our common pulse."

— Nwabudike Morgan, "The Centauri Monopoly"


  • The Ethics of Greed
  • The Centauri Monopoly

Gamer's choiceEdit

Morgan's is the faction to play if you like lot of small bases. It is designed for it, with preHabitat is size 4 and preDome is size 11. If you like big base, choose Lal