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Mvemba a Nzinga

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Mvemba a Nzinga (c. 1456 - 1542 or 1543), baptised Afonso I after his conversion to Christianity, was Manikongo from 1509 until his death. He leads the Kongolese in Civilization VI.

In-Game Edit

Mvemba a Nzinga's unique Agenda, Enthusiastic Disciple, is that he likes civilizations which spread their religion to his cities. However, he dislikes civilizations who have founded a religion and have not brought it to his cities.

His leader ability is Religious Convert. May not build Holy Site districts, gain Great Prophets, or found Religions. Gains all Beliefs of any Religion that has established itself in a majority of his cities. Receives an Apostle each time he finishes a M'banza or Theater Square district (of that city's majority Religion).

Lines Edit

Agenda-Based Approval: I welcome the words of your prophets and priests. We learn so much from their good works.

Agenda-Based Disapproval: I can only assume your reluctance to spread your religion comes from lack of conviction.

Declare War: Do you really think you can walk over us so easily? I will not let it happen. Not to Kongo - not to my people!

Attacked: We are no strangers to war. You have strayed from God's path, and now we will correct it.

Greeting: I am Mvemba a Nzinga and I greet you as a friend. I can see you are blessed by God. Are you here to share your enlightenment?

Defeated: You are nothing but a glorified barbarian. Cruel, and ruthless.

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