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The Mystic Warrior is a special military unit from the Conquest of the New World Deluxe scenario of Civilization V.

Game InfoEdit

Melee unit with special abilities like those of the Impi and the Kris Swordsman. Available only through City-States.

  • Special traits:
    • Spear Throw: Free ranged attack when entering close combat
    • Mystic Blade: Free special promotion after the first battle, chosen at random from the list below
      • Invulnerability: +30% Combat Bonus when defending. +20 HP when healing
      • Sneak Attack: Flank attack bonus increased by 50%
      • Heroism: Unit awards combat bonus to nearby units as if it is a Great General
      • Ambition: +50% Combat Bonus when attacking. -20% penalty when defending
      • Restlessness: May attack twice, 1 extra movement
      • Recruitment: Heals all damage if the unit kills a non-Barbarian unit (only 50 HP)
      • Enemy Blade: Takes 20 damage if the unit ends its turn in enemy territory
      • Evil Spirits: -10% penalty when attacking. -30% penalty when defending


Before engaging in melee, the Mystic Warrior performs a spear throw attack that can damage or kill the enemy unit before making contact. And after one combat the Mystic Warrior will receive another promotion. The only way to obtain one is by allying with a Militaristic City-State.

Note that an upgraded Mystic Warrior loses Spear Throw, but retains Mystic Blade or the special promotion that it received.

Historical InfoEdit

The braves of various North American tribes during times of conflict were consecrated in elaborate, mystical ceremonies meant to increase their courage, strength, skill and/or survival. The earliest record of such "mystic warriors" comes from the Pequot war with English colonists (1634-1638 AD), but examples abound throughout the histories of the Northeastern and Plains Indians.