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National Epic
National Epic (Civ5)

National wonder in Civilization V

20xProduction5 125 (increases with number of cities)


Required Buildings Monument
Technology Drama and Poetry

+25% Great People generation in this city

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Game InfoEdit

Cultural national wonder. Requires a Monument in all cities.

  • +25% Great People generation in this City.
  • Contains 1 Great Work of Writing slot
  • BNW-only+1 20xHappiness5 Happiness with Universal Healthcare tenet (any Ideology)


The National Epic increases a city's Great People generation by 25 percent, which is especially useful for a player pursuing a Cultural victory. Build your Artists', Musicians', and Writers' Guilds in this city as well to ensure the maximum boost to Great People generation!

Historical InfoEdit

A national epic is a poem or story which describes the origin of a nation, its character, or a significant event in its existence. The Secret History of Mongols is a Mongolian national epic. The Epic of Sundiata is a Malinese national epic. The Song of Hiawatha is a United States national epic. The Kalevala is an epic of Finland. In a more modern form, War and Peace might be considered a Russian national epic, and Roots: The Saga of an American Family another American epic.

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